Spencer Williams
Director of Housing Policy



212-747-1117, ext. 21

Spencer Williams is the Director of Housing Policy. He is committed to elevating housing as a platform to combating displacement pressure, increasing equitable access to opportunity, and enhancing community stability. At ANHD, Spencer is helping to implement policies that advance housing affordability, quality, and production for low- and moderate-income communities in New York City through research, data analysis, and policy development. Spencer's previous work has focused on housing affordability, growth management, furthering fair housing, anti-displacement strategies and tenant protections, developing neighborhood plans, and citywide comprehensive plans and policies at the Seattle City Council, Seattle Housing Authority, and City of Portland. He holds a BFA in Architecture and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree from Portland State University. In his spare time, Spencer can be found at an arts event, enjoying New York State’s natural areas, or cooking.