Thursday, February 23, 2017

Center for Neighborhood Leadership (CNL)



Creating the Next Generation of Grassroots and Community Development Leaders

The Center for Neighborhood Leadership trains and supports community leaders and increases the capacity of grassroots organizations to win concrete changes for communities. The NYC Organizing Academy is designed for individuals currently doing community organizing work, who are interested in supplemental formal training to expand their skill sets, experiences and networks.  ANHD’s Center for Neighborhood Leadership offers three exciting capacity building programs:

1) CNL’s 10-month Apprenticeship Program:  ANHD, working in partnership with Public Allies New York, selects, trains, and places a minimum of 10 candidates in a 10-month internship at a community non-profit. Apprentices are paid a total of $17,000 for their ten months of service with on-going training, and receive health insurance, child care reimbursement benefits, and a post service education award of $5,550. To date, CNL has a 90% success rate in apprentices graduating into employment.

2) The NYC Organizing Academy.  Intensive training for staff at community non-profit organization with two training tracks: 1) for new staff;  2) for experience staff.

3) Community Impact Project. CNL provides continuing strategic support for community organizations via technical assistance and collective campaign work.


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