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The mission of ANHD is to build community power to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

As a coalition of community groups across New York City, we use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

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October 17, 2019
ANHD Condemns the Trump Administration’s Proposals to Gut the Fair Housing Act
October 9, 2019
There is No Excuse for Homelessness in One of the Wealthiest Cities in the World
September 19, 2019
We Are Harnessing the Next Generation of Community Development Leaders

@ANHD FRI! Our Director of Capacity Building @ThatArmandoMC will be speaking about "Exploring Community Organizing & Gras… https://t.co/mxu79gtFiV

@ANHD .@NYCSpeakerCoJo @CoreyinNYC, please bring Intro. 1706 to a vote! Preserve #IDNYC as a safe and equitable program f… https://t.co/D0agQ0DmXa

@ANHD RT @CalReinvest: .@FDICgov don't yield to pressure from the OCC on CRA reform. There is too much at stake! #TreasureCRA https://t.co/g82Yl

@ANHD The Community Reinvestment Act is not as well-known as the #AffordableCareAct #NetNeutrality or other laws. We need… https://t.co/5rqkn0O4cD

@ANHD With proposed changes to Community Reinvestment Act rules expected this week, we must remind federal regulatory age… https://t.co/2lPT6gelb5

@ANHD If @USOCC's new CRA proposals won’t apply to most of the banks the @FDICgov regulates, then why is it joining in th… https://t.co/hIV2xosVgx

@ANHD The Community Reinvestment Act must be preserved and strengthened to deter this type of behavior and ensure banks a… https://t.co/05Iwl9KQXr

@ANHD “The banks on this list have chosen profits over people,” @nycpa @JumaaneWilliams. “Bankrolling our climate crisis,… https://t.co/yucP5Da1di

@ANHD “The kinds of small businesses that New York needs to keep around aren’t the ones that are going to access this,” s… https://t.co/6bshRoQyIl

@ANHD RT @thecitywanderer: I delved into NYC’s grocery store incentive program, FRESH, and into high end developers leasing to grocery stores in…

@ANHD This was the last tenant left in her building when everyone was pushed out. There are all new tenants now.… https://t.co/9H5SuvdDIX

@ANHD Tenants outline their demands. “INK stop flaking on tenants!” #tenantpower https://t.co/GXt90pLpw9

@ANHD Fight, fight, fight, housing is a right! INK Tenant Coalition takes to the streets! @CooperSq @stnicksalliancehttps://t.co/utBt8AJsfv

@ANHD Brooklyn Borough President @BPEricAdams calls for more permanent, stable affordable housing instead of scattered, i… https://t.co/8rpAtamSag

@ANHD Harry DeRienzo kicks off @bkcianyc’s annual gala highlighting the amazing work they do here in the Bronx! https://t.co/ZGt25kw4R3

@ANHD “I had an Astoria bank account, then Sterling Bank bought Astoria. Then the closest Sterling branches to me closed.… https://t.co/tD6Up7RA8q

@ANHD Rep for @NydiaVelazquez speaks @CHLDC’s Annual Reinvestment Forum. TY to @NydiaVelazquez for her strong support of… https://t.co/vPrppQYwFI

@ANHD The presenters from @GeorgiaTech show a map of multi-family v single family zoning in Chicago compared to its racia… https://t.co/z9sm4jGYz6

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