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The mission of ANHD is to build community power to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

As a coalition of community groups across New York City, we use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

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September 19, 2022
2022-23 Morgan Stanley Community Development Graduate Fellows
Now in its 11th year, ANHD Welcomes Another Inspiring Generation of Community Development Leaders
June 15, 2022
Mayor Eric Adams' Housing Our Neighbors
We are thrilled that after years of ANHD-led advocacy, the Adams Administration has finally moved New York City away from the problematic affordable housing unit count goals of past housing plans. That metric led to a focus on so-called affordable housing solutions that simply chased after numbers instead of prioritizing the needs of struggling New Yorkers. Instead, we should be focusing on the outcomes our communities need – outcomes like ending homelessness, preventing displacement, eliminating rent burdens, and ensuring safe, healthy housing for all. In order to accomplish those goals, we need to look holistically at the full housing landscape in NYC, and we applaud the Administration for incorporating the full spectrum of housing, from homelessness to NYCHA to tenant protections to homeownership in the Housing Our Neighbors blueprint.

@ANHD What happens when policies designed to address injustices are not race-conscious? Join us on Oct 6th to explore what modern-day redlining is and how we’re working to challenge it. https://t.co/ckGN8fSGrn #BuildCommunityPower https://t.co/Xtrpoh2NyO

@ANHD RT @PublicBankNYC: It’s time to bring public banking to New York! Learn more and take action: https://t.co/XHgt5S3kqR

@ANHD Thank you very much for an important discussion! #BuildCommunityPower https://t.co/orjyeYIL6R

@ANHD RT @barikaXw: ‘Community groups, labor, developers. We all want to see something better for the neighborhood. But how can we do it in a wa…

@ANHD “You have a base of homeowners of color in East New York. Small homes in ENY are not just critical, they're also vulnerable and precarious.” @CHLDC Ryan Chavez https://t.co/YKVyIgWlo5

@ANHD “The small home was never intended to be a business, it was intended to be a home” @ChhayaCDC Annetta on small home flipping by private equity investors.

@ANHD “Hundreds of thousands of tenants live in basement apartments. Many of them are safe and secure but many others are not, and tenants don’t have protections.” @ChhayaCDC ED Annetta Seecharran https://t.co/ssMnjYXNf0

@ANHD “We need for good cause eviction to happen.”- Juanita Lewis

@ANHD It's at least $1600 for a person to rent in the City of Newburgh... These are in neighborhoods of mostly working class people of color - Juanita Lewis of @CVHaction https://t.co/DOqVE8AseU

@ANHD Also, see our statement regarding the administration's housing plan: https://t.co/ybZ22XpmE9 We should be focusing on the outcomes our communities need–outcomes like ending homelessness, preventing displacement, eliminating rent burdens, & ensuring safe, healthy housing for all.

@ANHD YES! We recently raised this issue in our Area Median Income (AMI) report. Please read and share: https://t.co/rPoyQr97u3 NYC can do better to address the SUPPLY of #affordablehousing. https://t.co/8HvB0JYlIH

@ANHD @AnnettaSeech is also an ANHD Board member. @ChhayaCDC is involved in the Basement Apartments Safe for Everyone (BASE) campaign (@nyc_base). https://t.co/lTiK1SrBhY

@ANHD RT @barikaXw: It’s clear folks want to hear about preserving and protecting small homes for both owners and renters. Full house hearing f…

@ANHD ED OF @ChhayaCDC, Annetta Seecharran asking @NYSHCR commissioner and NYC Chief Housing Officer about advancing basement apartment legalization and addressing tax challenges for more affordable housing and equity. https://t.co/9OKI2Etpt8

@ANHD “How many people are going to have to drown in basements before we do something about it?” NYC Chief Housing Officer Jessica Katz on legalizing basement units https://t.co/wEa8zge1mR

@ANHD RT @barikaXw: ‘The only way we’re going to really address the racial wealth gap is to ensure affordable homeownership.’ says CHO @NYCHousin

@ANHD “New York State has budgeted $400 million over the next five years to build 1-4 family homes that are affordable to low income New Yorkers.”

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