Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Is the Mayor’s Housing Plan Serving the Greatest Need? By Borough

Is the Mayor’s Housing Plan Serving the Greatest Need? By Borough

Two weeks ago, ANHD put out an infographic comparing the affordable housing created and preserved under the de Blasio administration’s Housing New York Plan to the real needs of New York City’s residents. Below, we continue our analysis with a borough-by-borough breakdown comparing the share of each borough’s rent burdened population at each income level to the percentage of Housing New York units serving them.

Using the lens of Rent Burden, in every borough except Staten Island, the lowest income New Yorkers are under-served by the affordable units created and preserved thus far under Housing New York. Meanwhile, once again, the $52,000 to $69,000 range and those at higher incomes are significantly over-represented.

Income levels and rent burdening vary from borough to borough, but the distance between the kind of affordable housing our City is creating and the kind of affordable housing it will take to actually address our affordability and homelessness crises is remarkably consistent.

Emily Goldstein, ANHD’s Senior Campaign Organizer
Graphic by Melanie Breault, ANHD’s Communications Associate

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