Thursday, May 24, 2018

Just in time for Spring! The AMI Cheat Sheet 2017 Edition

Just in time for Spring! The AMI Cheat Sheet 2017 Edition 

The Area Median Income (AMI) Cheat Sheet / Wallet Card You Always Wanted!


A lot of people are talking about affordable housing policy these days. And you can’t have a conversation about affordable housing policy without talking about Area Median Income (AMI) levels.

But what do those AMI levels actually mean? 30% of AMI, 60% of AMI, 120% of AMI?  Throwing those numbers around doesn’t make things clear for most people, unless you can translate that number into the rents and incomes everyone understands.

ANHD staff (most of us, anyway) use a cheat sheet.  Now you can, too!

Wow your friends and befuddle your enemies! Kick sand in the face of the bully insulting your affordable housing plans as you demonstrate a fluent understanding of what each AMI level actually means!

This AMI Cheat Sheet is easily foldable to fit into your wallet or handbag and gives you the information you need in a clear, visual form about how each AMI % translates to:

  • A monthly rent for that apartment
  • A household income amount
  • The % of New Yorkers at each AMI level

If you are interested in a full analysis of why the federally-set AMI methodology is especially off-base in New York City, read the discussion of how AMIs are determined beginning on page 26 of ANHD’s 2013 report, Real Affordability: An Evaluation of the Bloomberg Housing Program and Recommendations to Strengthen Affordable Housing Policy.

Download your copy of The AMI Cheat Sheet [2017] here. Happy Spring from the ANHD Team!


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