The Center for Neighborhood Leadership’s (CNL) Organizing Apprenticeship trains grassroots leaders and supports community organizations with the skills, resources, and networking opportunities needed to strengthen their potentials to affect sustainable community change.

Why This Matters

ANHD established CNL’s Organizing Apprenticeship in 2009 because we found that the community organizing movement needed better infrastructure to attract, develop, and retain leaders who are dedicated to building collective power and tackling pressing neighborhood-based and citywide issues. CNL has gained a reputation among grassroots organizers and community organizations for its thoughtful design and planning, inclusion of theory and practical application, and authentic relationships built among cohort members and alumni.  It is the only training community of its kind in New York City.

What We're Doing

CNL’s Organizing Apprenticeship is a 10-month paid apprenticeship program for new organizers. It is a rigorous program, where participants work in the field at a non-profit host site four days a week and learn in the classroom one day per week, from September through June.

ANHD offers the Apprenticeship in partnership with Public Allies New York (PANY), with both organizations coordinating in classroom learning. Non-profits apply to be host sites for the program annually, and we strongly encourage hosts sites to recommend apprentice candidates from their membership or community base. We give priority to those host candidates who nominate community members they have already cultivated.

Program Benefits for Apprentices Include:

  • High-quality, weekly training and support services from some of the best organizers in the movement
  • A $17,000 stipend for the ten months of service
  • health care, child care, food stamps and other benefit programs as may be appropriate
  • Interest-free student loan deferments and up to $5,750 in an education award to pay back student loans or pay for future education.

Applications to be involved in the next round of the Organizing Apprenticeship (both Apprentices and Host Sites) will be available Winter/Spring 2019. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document for more information. If you have any additional questions, please contact Ericka Stallings at ericka.s@anhd.org.