Armando Moritz-Chapelliquen
Director of Capacity Building


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Armando Moritz-Chapelliquen is the Director of Capacity Building. He leads our Center for Community Leadership and coordinates with staff to intentionally build the skills and power of organizers, advocates, and the movement as a whole. Beyond a commitment to our members and coalitions, Armando enjoys spending time with his wife, refining his practice of the martial arts, writing poetry, and hanging out with his cat Coltrane. 

Armando's Blogs

March 8, 2016
The proposal for development at 25 Kent Avenue began the ULURP process in January with considerable attention. Crain's New York rightfully referred to the project as a "barometer for how the de Blasio administration will treat commercial developments in manufacturing areas."While the proposal for the property will be voted on at the local community board this evening, the end product of the proposal is a new zoning tool that can influence industrial neighborhoods across the city.
January 25, 2016
The New York Daily News recently reported that the City brokered a deal with a Brooklyn manufacturer to keep over 200 jobs in the City. ANHD commends the de Blasio Administration for its commitment to prioritizing industrial and manufacturing jobs for New York City.
January 14, 2016
Rendering of 25 Kent Ave
Last week, a  Crain's story covered a little known special permit application for a 480,000-square-foot office building in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg Industrial Business Zone.  This application at 25 Kent Avenue has much broader implications, and is the start of a new citywide zoning text amendment to create a new model of a mixed use industrial / commercial district.
November 3, 2015
The Industrial Policy announced today by the de Blasio Administration represents a crucial step towards preserving and expanding the City's industrial sector, a key source of good jobs throughout the five boroughs. With low barriers to entry and real career pathways, industrial and manufacturing jobs, whose average wages are twice that of the retail sector and which are often unionized, are a crucial avenue of opportunity and equitable economic development for low-income communities.
October 28, 2015
The title of an article published this week in City and State Magazine makes an arresting point -- U.S. Art And Manufacturing Are On The Rebound, But New York City May Not Have The Space. The article notes that expanding the City's manufacturing and industrial base can be a key strategy for addressing our widening income gap and quotes key industry leaders who say that their businesses and economic sectors could grow.