Thursday, February 23, 2017


on Green Affordable Housing Production and Preservation, Tenant Rights & Issues, Community Organizing, & Equitable Economic Development

ANHD conducts a comprehensive, year-round series of training courses and a score of single-session workshops that promote best practices in affordable housing and economic development, increases policy advocacy skills, and helps community organizations build capacity. Watch for updates for more trainings on Tenant Rights, Affordable Housing at Risk, Metrics and Reportage, and Communications!

This year, we have a series of trainings recommended for Not-for-Profit Affordable Housing Developers, Project Coordinators, Asset & Property Managers, and Facility Maintenance Staff In Housing Development.

ANHD’s year-long training series is designed to ensure that non-profit community development corporations have the high-level expertise they need in all phases of affordable development and construction administration, long-term asset management, and property management and facility maintenance to most effectively meet the housing needs of their local communities and continue to play a central role in New York City’s housing development ecosystem.

These comprehensive trainings are designed with a focus on 1) housing development skills, 2) long-term asset management skills, 3) property management skills, and 4) strategic opportunities.  Each quarter, at least one training is offered in each area.

ANHD gratefully acknowledges the generous support of:

Apple Bank, Astoria Bank, Bank of America, BTMU Foundation,
Capital One, Citi Foundation, Consolidated Edison, HSBC,
JPMorgan Chase & Co, Mizuho USA Foundation,
NeighborWorks America, Ridgewood Savings Bank, &
Wells Fargo Foundation



LOCATION (unless other location noted below): Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD), 50 Broad Street, Ste. 1402, NYC below Wall St., near A, C, E, R, J, Z, 2, 3, 4, and 5 trains.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Some workshops are held at other locations or with partnering groups that require a different fee and registration process.

All trainings and workshops are $15 unless otherwise noted.


Upcoming Workshop Schedule


Trainings with the NYC Retrofit Accelerator
Water Conservation and Plumbing (Wednesday, February 15, 2017)
How to repair leaks, energy and cost savings associated with water-conserving technologies. Topics include:

  • Leaky faucets and toilets
  • Leaking valves
  • Water-conserving technologies

Energy Efficiency Electrical (Thursday, February  16, 2017)
How to conduct lighting audits, perform basic retrofits, and install control devices; the importance of efficient electrical appliances. Topics include:

  • Efficient lighting
  • Lighting audit
  • Control devices and sensors
  • Retrofitting fixtures
  • Delamping
  • ENERGY STAR® appliances

9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Course fees: $25-50

The NYC Retrofit Accelerator, in collaboration with ANHD, is offering a series of hands-on training courses to improve the energy efficiency of your building(s). Individual courses will include: Heating and Air SealingWater Conservation and Plumbing, and Energy Efficiency Electrical. These courses will show you how to diagnose efficiency challenges, implement low-cost solutions, and find financing for your projects.

Please note: Registrants must be property managers, superintendents or building maintainers ONLY. Due to limited class size, only 2 staff per building may register for each course.

This training will take place at Solar One Green Workforce Training Lab at 29-76 Northern Blvd. in Long Island City, Queens. Please register for this training here.

The Business of Asset Management: Best Practices
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Elements of sound asset management with an overview of the roles, responsibilities and the day-to-day operations including: marketing & leasing, rent-up and rent collection, supervising maintenance staff, record keeping, monitoring contracts, risk management & insurance. Managing the outside manager vs. self-management, front & back office split, etc.

Trainer: Lisa Deller, V.P. Asset Management, NY Equity Fund

Past workshops have covered a wide range of topics. Here are some subjects from previous years:

  • OSHA 10 Construction Industry Safety and Health Training Part I and II
  • Combating Business Displacement: How New Commercial Tenant Anti-Harassment Legislation Can Support Your Members
  • ACRIS & More: Tenant Organizing Data Tools
  • Housing Court Basics
  • New Tools for Fighting Displacement: How to use the DAP MAP
  • Insurance From A to Z For Affordable Housing Organizations, Developers & Owners
  • Project Compliance: Low Income Housing Tax Credit Compliance & Other Governmental Regulatory Issues
  • Housing Budget Analysis
  • How to Supervise
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits – Context, Dynamics & Trends: An Update
  • The Site Zoning Analysis and Project Feasibility for Affordable Housing Development Made Easier. Just How Important Are They?
  • Deal-Making, Partnerships and Joint Ventures: How to Structure a Partnership Deal For Affordable Housing Development.
  • The Business of Asset & Property Management-Best Practices
  • Affordable Housing At Risk
  • Removing Building Violations: A Hands-On Training
  • Amalgamated Bank’s Housing Construction Loan Program
  • Community Reinvestment
  • Introduction to Developing Affordable Housing and Real Estate Finance
  • Compelling Campaign Communications
  • And more…