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The mission of ANHD is to build community power to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

As a coalition of community groups across New York City, we use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

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August 21, 2019
Groups call on the OCC to ensure that the CRA be preserved and strengthened to better respond to local community needs
August 7, 2019
The Real Estate Lobby Says Rent Reform Will Prevent Them from Investing in Buildings, But the History of One Building Complex Tells a Different Story
July 25, 2019
City Passes Commercial Vacancy Registry and Penalty

@ANHD RT @TMitchellNYC: It's on to NYC today! @LISC_NYC joining a tour of Jamaica, Queens with @USOCC Director Otting coordinated by @ANHDNYC, @G

@ANHD As the @USOCC Comptroller mentioned, we need to submit comments during the comment period and we certainly will!… https://t.co/FbMoWRTIL2

@ANHD .@USOCC Comptroller Otting says he was really struck by the lack of bank branches & overwhelming demand for afforda… https://t.co/UMblXX1eG5

@ANHD .@USOCC Comptroller says he is working with the other regulators, but is willing to go it alone. ANHD and… https://t.co/Jv5UeOgyUz

@ANHD .@ChhayaCDC brought up the issue of small businesses getting lost - it’s increasingly harder to access capital. The… https://t.co/gIuQVfFAXt

@ANHD .@CASAbronx Tenant Leader @vega_river asks @USOCC Comptroller: What happens to a bank when their lending leads to d… https://t.co/ERo2OBK1ul

@ANHD “The CRA is about access to credit - we need to revitalize communities and enable people to stay.” We agree… https://t.co/IulVpF36N9

@ANHD “When CRA began, many communities were left out,” says @RepGregoryMeeks during our Q&A portion of our community tou… https://t.co/XrTY2f5pjG

@ANHD “We would love to find a way to hold lenders accountable through the #CRA,” Will Spisak @ChhayaCDC. “We hope that w… https://t.co/10HXTVXZKI

@ANHD Afro-Caribbean, South Asian, African-American communities helped build up Jamaica into the powerhouse it is now. Wi… https://t.co/IyhvbhBwI0

@ANHD RT @LaurenDNye: So excited that @ANHDNYC and our member groups have the opportunity to show the @USOCC what quality #CRA investments look l…

@ANHD In NYC, quality community development activities - loans & investments that support deeply, permanently affordable… https://t.co/XYlGw3bU6K

@ANHD Alvista Towers has low-moderate-middle income units 50% to 135% AMI. It has a revitalizing downtown w/ affordable h… https://t.co/dLeK9IyNIi

@ANHD The Urban Manufacturing Accelerator provides strategic support & guidance to mission-driven developers to help the… https://t.co/Zz9ot6sgzU

@ANHD The Industrial Development Fund provides low-cost financing to developers creating affordable industrial spaces and… https://t.co/0FkgYSIUjj

@ANHD The #CRA can be instrumental in supporting these & other small businesses by providing loans to small businesses, f… https://t.co/sArzTSR3JW

@ANHD ANHD & our members are working to preserve the manufacturing sector through rezoning advocacy & developing space fo… https://t.co/I3ttAUBoQU

@ANHD Banks, likes the one on this bus, are critical to supporting CDFI’s like @BOCNetwork & @GJDCPrez and they are able… https://t.co/KX2iKlApPB

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