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The mission of ANHD is to build community power to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

As a coalition of community groups across New York City, we use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

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March 4, 2021
Relief Has Been Insufficient to Cover Costs, Even for Households Who Qualify
January 21, 2021
ANHD Analysis Shows the COVID Rent Relief Package Will Miss Renters Who Need It Most
December 17, 2020
Check Out Our Top Moments from 2020 and Donate $21 to Help Us Fight Forward in 2021

@ANHD And congratulations to our @ANHDNYC Members for making the list! @CityAndStateNY: #37 @javierhvaldes & @DebAxthttps://t.co/meZC9bRjP5

@ANHD Have you seen the latest issue of @CityAndStateNY??? Because @ANHDNYC's Executive Director @barikaXw is in it! Cong… https://t.co/XilhDuhnJH

@ANHD BD&F also had just enough to cover their monthly expenses before the pandemic hit. Being undocumented, they don't q… https://t.co/BO4CPiswd5

@ANHD HAPPENING NOW: Excluded Workers in uniform are mobilizing across the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges to demand… https://t.co/qcxu97vBS9

@ANHD RT @NeighborsLink: Fund Excluded Workers NOW!   ¡Fondo para trabajadores Esenciales y Excluidos AHORA!   #EssentialAndExcluded  #YNosotrosQ

@ANHD RT @DesisRisingUp: Who feeds the workers who feed NY? Essential farm workers, like Oswaldo, have been dealt cruel neglect on behalf of Alba…

@ANHD N&Q had just enough income to cover their monthly expenses before the pandemic hit. By the end of Feb, they owed th… https://t.co/fgszOr0Ayr

@ANHD In light of another multi-trillion stimulus, @ANHDNYC took a look at how previous relief has impacted household b… https://t.co/MzLNwhBgeb

@ANHD Domestic workers kept the daily lives of many New Yorkers running. When the pandemic hit, they were left behind. P… https://t.co/zF6UUCwudx

@ANHD RT @RacialStudy: Our Communities Matter. Our Stories Matter. Come share your story at "We are Here: A community Speakout on Race and Rezo…

@ANHD RT @JFREJNYC: 323 days is a policy failure. It is a shonde and an obscene choice by our state, a choice to treat over a million NYers as "l…

@ANHD NEXT THURS: Respondents Jennifer Sun of @AAFE1974 and @SlevinKate of @RegionalPlan will join our panelists on… https://t.co/h35QkVUyS6

@ANHD Join our next #PowerAfterthePandemic event featuring Kim Phillips-Fein, @andrewsrein, and @xavbriggs as they reflec… https://t.co/89nUCTdnKs

@ANHD .@ANHDNYC agrees - We cannot have a two-tiered banking system. The @OCC @FDICgov and @federalreserve must come toge… https://t.co/bVa2VHhtF1

@ANHD In the Fed’s CRA plan, @ANHDNYC member @GJDCPrez said she saw, “a bit more thoughtfulness” in how regulators would… https://t.co/jZseA6ty8V

@ANHD .@ANHDNYC has been documenting banking disparities for years. See our report on racial disparities in PPP lending d… https://t.co/8aObKaSO3C

@ANHD "We have regular reports and exposes of redlining and discrimination and it doesn’t prompt action. This is a busine… https://t.co/6TnXLTAVRS

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