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The mission of ANHD is to build community power to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

As a coalition of community groups across New York City, we use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

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October 17, 2019
ANHD Condemns the Trump Administration’s Proposals to Gut the Fair Housing Act
October 9, 2019
There is No Excuse for Homelessness in One of the Wealthiest Cities in the World
September 19, 2019
We Are Harnessing the Next Generation of Community Development Leaders

@ANHD RT @NCRC: The protections of the Fair Housing Act are now more necessary than ever. @HUDgov's newly proposed #DisparateImpact rule will mak…

@ANHD RT @VOCALNewYork: TOMORROW: Two weeks after 5 homeless NYers were brutally attacked & a day after the vote on @NYCMayor’s $9B jail plan, we…

@ANHD 2/2 And also through the Defend Civil Rights coalition here: https://t.co/W50Q2Nf3Ri #DefendCivilRightshttps://t.co/8tHwDvEuM3

@ANHD @HUDgov @AdrienWeibgen 1/2 ANHD has joined w/ members & allies to oppose the rule changes proposed by @CFPB &… https://t.co/KJfYgStQvr

@ANHD We condemn the proposed @HUDgov rules that seek to constrain the Fair Housing Act #FHA. If adopted, these rules wil… https://t.co/EIB1YgeF7d

@ANHD RT @CASAbronx: At the @housing4allNY campaign launch ready to fight for all New Yorkers to end homelessness, tax the rich to house the poor…

@ANHD RT @MaketheRoadNY: TODAY at 6 PM! The @housing4allNY coalition will lay out a vision and path to solve homelessness, invest in public housi…

@ANHD RT @ValeRicciulli: A new report by @ANHDNYC makes several recommendations for the city to maximize the value of affordable housing units an…

@ANHD RT @housing4allNY: Read about our new campaign to guarantee every New Yorker a home here, https://t.co/3yJna2Njga and then join us tonight…

@ANHD Landlords are mobilizing and trying to undermine what we won in 2019 - we aren’t going to let that happen because i… https://t.co/LarKLye0gD

@ANHD RT @CityLimitsNews: Housing units for extremely low- income households are not being preserved or created in line with the level of need, a…

@ANHD “I moved into Fox Street in 1976, and no exaggeration, every night there were three or four or five fires,” said Ha… https://t.co/VPs7yKkQCa

@ANHD TOMORROW at 6 PM! The @housing4allNY coalition will lay out a vision and path to solve homelessness, invest in publ… https://t.co/ZFrHz1NHLn

@ANHD RT @CSSNYorg: The #DemPrimary campaigns have been paying unprecedented attention to #housingpolicy. We analyzed how each candidate’s housin…

@ANHD Fair lending data is at risk @CFPB wants to raise the threshold for who reports to #HMDA to 50, or 100, or 25… https://t.co/2rKOinSi8s

@ANHD Or contact our Senior Campaign Analyst Jaime Weisberg for support https://t.co/EieafNguxh

@ANHD “It can feel really frustrating and sometimes like standing at the ocean and tell it to turn back, in this work. Bu… https://t.co/uEqUfwtj3L

@ANHD .@lpafridi grew up in a 1-4 family home in Flushing. "She said her family had a neighborhood landlord that would al… https://t.co/LFPNaRXMl2

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