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The mission of ANHD is to build community power to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

As a coalition of community groups across New York City, we use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

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March 26, 2019
For Sale: “Near the truly gentrified section of Harlem” “Tenants are between the ages of 60-91 years old and the two oldest are 84 and 91”
March 15, 2019
Federal Reserve Board Governor Brainard speaks out in defense of CRA: preserve the core focus on place and update to reflect newer technology.
March 14, 2019
Small Business Coalition Responds to City Council Legislation

@ANHD We're proud to announce the launch of the MaiiC that'll support & grow New York’s manufacturing and industrial sect… https://t.co/Qym6NFmbTE

@ANHD Come see @ThatArmandoMC on these industrial panels next week! Tues, May 28: Future of Manufacturing Jobs hosted by… https://t.co/phPyZvKgwU

@ANHD RT @NMICnyc: Rodrigo Sánchez-Camus, Director of Legal Services, of @NMICnyc discussing the importance of organizingtenant associations and…

@ANHD RT @jarrettmurphy: Video: Does NYC Need a Comprehensive Plan? https://t.co/chqjMM35f7 via @citylimitsnews

@ANHD From the spirit in the room tonight at @CnDelarosa great Washington Heights forum on rent law fight, tenants will g… https://t.co/XyAYHGNphu

@ANHD Soooo excited for @CityLimitsNews newsletter on #MappingTheFuture. Thank you for having us on this awesome panel. C… https://t.co/s0iGGLxlJY

@ANHD The status quo is leading us to a catastrophe. People are leaving because they are being pushed out. That idea that… https://t.co/xE9URi5RRl

@ANHD .@jarrettmurphy @CityLimitsNews asked: What could comprehensive planning look like? What areas are doing it right?… https://t.co/7n66KHuJmA

@ANHD RT @NMN4S_NYC: Met Council’s @AvaFarkas speaking at Assemblywoman @CnDelarosa’s forum on #UniveralRentControl #HousingJustice4All @Met_Coun

@ANHD Here’s what the Thriving Communities Coalition is advocating for: - Set the goals at the outset w/ equity principle… https://t.co/hkmt8Xx3sf

@ANHD “There are always reasons for why a rezoning happens in a certain neighborhood, but that reason is never applied in… https://t.co/xfh4yX0j87

@ANHD RT @CityLimitsNews: Emily Goldstein of @ANHDNYC: “If the justification for where rezoning is happening is transit corridors, then you have…

@ANHD The avg income for the Jerome Avenue area of the Bronx is 30% of AMI - the majority of the affordable housing being… https://t.co/LPDhVnD7he

@ANHD “The current system exacerbates our worst selves rather than our best selves.” We agree with @bradlanderhttps://t.co/dDn4pTJi5Y

@ANHD During a rezoning, “you have a lot of convos inflated into one - city needs, community needs, political needs which… https://t.co/KfILWClwFU

@ANHD We disagree that the “impacts aren’t really known” when it comes to rezonings. There are plenty of tools/groups/org… https://t.co/AXcj8ojSFz

@ANHD Starting off this #MappingtheFuture convo with @CityLimitsNews, Emily Goldstein was instrumental in building up our… https://t.co/SLwqvCy3qK

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