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The mission of ANHD is to build community power to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

As a coalition of community groups across New York City, we use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

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March 4, 2021
Relief Has Been Insufficient to Cover Costs, Even for Households Who Qualify
January 21, 2021
ANHD Analysis Shows the COVID Rent Relief Package Will Miss Renters Who Need It Most
December 17, 2020
Check Out Our Top Moments from 2020 and Donate $21 to Help Us Fight Forward in 2021

@ANHD HPI/CCC is crucial to preserving housing and ensuring services are met, especially for low-income and BIPOC communi… https://t.co/T4ZdoojAVd

@ANHD What does HPI/CCC funding do to support vulnerable tenants in NYC? Reduce hazardous conditions in buildings Educa… https://t.co/yHzQ2QXyQf

@ANHD In Manhattan, HPI/CCC funding helped nonprofits: Engage 7,000+ tenants and homeowners Provide 500+ referrals Sup… https://t.co/CFNiID0nWi

@ANHD LAST CHANCE NYC-area grad students! Today is the last day to apply for the @MorganStanley Community Development Gr… https://t.co/HDfTcOHhRj

@ANHD LAST CHANCE @ANHDNYC Members to gain increased capacity in 2021-2022 for your community development projects! … https://t.co/x1amRBZrj6

@ANHD RT @thrivingccnyc: Last night’s #MayoralDebate didn’t focus directly on city budget - but without more transparency & accountability in bud…

@ANHD RT @NMICnyc: What does HPI/CCC funding do to support vulnerable tenants in NYC? Reduce hazardous conditions in buildings Educate tenants…

@ANHD RT @RachelFee4NY: @barikaXw @ANHDNYC @ANHDNYC had led on permanent affordability, deep affordability, MIH & CRA! @theNYHC is with you @bari

@ANHD Focus on homelessness at #MayoralDebate yesterday is exactly right - the next mayor must make sure that every New Y… https://t.co/afvtt5HNG5

@ANHD RT @barikaXw: NYC mayoral #ny1debate candidates ALL talking about #PermanentAffordability a camaign @ANHDNYC championed and led over a deca…

@ANHD RT @thrivingccnyc: All candidates at #MayoralDebate discussing programs they’d fund, capital investments they’d prioritize, funding they’d…

@ANHD The mayoral candidates are talking about the importance of small businesses. @usb_nyc hosted a platform launch with… https://t.co/GfVyfBlvAy

@ANHD Happy Eid Mubarak to all our neighbors and community members who are celebrating! We hope you are able to have some… https://t.co/5SCvIqu4Ni

@ANHD RT @UNHP: In Part 1 of our A Year Into Covid,@UNHP looks at one of our #affordablehousing buildings. Rent Collections 60% Insurance Prem…

@ANHD With the significant city leadership changes coming in 2022, @ANHDNYC is developing and signing onto proposals, pol… https://t.co/szfXomvOhl

@ANHD HPI/CCC funding helped Bronx-based nonprofits: Engage 6,500+ tenants and homeowners Provide 4,000+ referrals Sup… https://t.co/6nqKMkBoaJ

@ANHD HPI/CCC funding helped Queens-based nonprofits: Engage nearly 2,000 tenants and homeowners Provide 800+ referrals… https://t.co/vP2sS3U0cj

@ANHD RT @NewEconomyNYC: 100+ labor & community groups back the NY Public Banking Act to advance racial equity & a just recovery. As COVID conti…

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