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11,000 households evicted in 2012 in the Bronx alone

March 7, 2013

Fixing a Broken Housing Court System in the Bronx:  
Tenants, advocates and organizers have long decried the fact that Housing Court is too often an eviction mill rather than a place where both tenants and landlords can find justice. According to CASA (Community Action for Safe Apartments)of New Settlement Apartments, every day about 2,000 tenants go through the Bronx Housing Court, most without a lawyer to help them navigate the confusing court system.  In 2012, approximately 11,000 households were evicted in the Bronx alone. CASA is joining the fight to improve housing court outcomes in the Bronx and ultimately citywide.
This effort began with a study, conducted in partnership with the Community Development project at the Urban Justice Center which used Participatory Action Research methodologies to document the experiences of tenants in Bronx Housing Court.  The study will be released March 15 in a report:  Tipping the Scales: A Report of Tenant Experiences in Bronx Housing Court.
The report - the result of 1,055 surveys, 15 judge observations, 3 focus groups with 25 participants, and secondary research - demonstrates that current court protocols and policies are insufficient to level the playing field for these unrepresented tenants in Housing Court.Tipping the Scales also provides simple, common-sense steps we can take to ensure that all tenants receive fair treatment
This informative, groundbreaking report will be released on  March 15th, 10 am to 12 pm at New Settlement's Community Center, 1501 Jerome Ave, Bronx NY.  Join housing experts, researchers, tenants and elected officials at this event to learn more about the report.  If you have any questions or would like to RSVP for the release, please contact Susanna Blankley at 718-716-8000, ext. 125 or s.blankley@newsettlement.org.

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