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ANHD's work to gain the Tenant Protection Act reduced harassment cases by 9,736.

August 6, 2012

ANHD’s HISTORY, MISSION AND ACHIEVEMENTS ANHD is a 501c3 membership organization founded in 1974, comprised of 98 nonprofit neighborhood housing groups serving low- and moderate-income New Yorkers. Over the past decade alone, ANHD’s training, policy research, advocacy, strategic communications, and leadership development for 98 grassroots groups and residents has resulted in leveraging over $1.3 billion for affordable housing, rescuing over 30,000 apartments and 160 buildings for low-income residents, and creating break through policies for community development:

  • 2012 – City Council passes Responsible Banking Act, developed with ANHD members: Following ANHD’s reports on dramatic decreases in banks’ local reinvestments in the 2009 and 2011 “The State of Bank Reinvestment in NYC”, New York City Council passed the nation’s strongest RBA bill in May 2012, providing communities with lending data and a voice to ensure local reinvestments as requested by ANHD members.
  • 2012 – Morgan Stanley fellowship to strengthen non-profits: ANHD partners with Mogan Stanley to launch the first of its kind Community Development Fellowship Program, matching Masters’ Degree students with community non-profits.
  • 2009-present: 90% success in training and placing unemployed adults: ANHD’s Center for Neighborhood Leadership training and internships for unemployed adults has resulted in 90% of trainees graduating into full-time jobs and / or college.
  • 2008-present - 1000s of units rescued from rent increases: ANHD’s activism achieved an important state regulatory reform, reducing a key rent increase pass-along by 1/3 for thousands of tenants.
  • 2007-present - $750 million to save housing from the crisis of over-leveraging: ANHD won a commitment of $750 million in city funds to incentivize banks to sell to affordable housing developers rather than predatory speculators.
  • 2007-present - 3,100 units for 60-year affordability, $145 million annual tax credits: As a result of ANHD research and advocacy, NYC Council Speaker Quinn agreed to doubling affordability from 30 to 60 years on 3,100 housing units per year, leveraging $15 million in annual benefits from the tax credits.
  • 2003-present - 6,900 new units via Inclusionary Zoning: ANHD’s member-group led advocacy established New York’s first inclusionary zoning, gaining 6,900 affordable units.
  • 2002-present - $32 million savings on building costs: ANHD’s Affordable Housing Institute trains residents, developers and building managers in affordable housing maintenance, financing and green retro-fitting for a combined economic savings of over $32 million
  • 1992 to present – Affordable Housing Institute helps housing developments save $32 million: the Affordable Housing Institutes on-going trainings – including green building management training - to affordable housing developers, managers, maintenance workers and low-income residents saves $32 million per year in operational costs.
  • 2010 – Gains in permanently affordable housing: ANHD publishes, “A Permanent Problem Requires a Permanent Solution” to promote permanently affordable housing. In response, the city required permanent affordability in many key 2010 land-use decisions.
  • 2007 - $7,250,000 Housing Preservation Initiative: ANHD secured $1.5 million in annual support for critical housing preservation advocacy in the city’s most disadvantaged areas of which $7.25 million has been realized to date.
  • 2006-2008 - 9,736 fewer harassment cases: ANHD gained breakthrough legislation – the Tenant Protection Act – giving harassed tenants strong new legal rights, reducing the quantifiable instances of harassment in Housing Court by 9,736 documented cases.
  • 2004-2007 - 1,100 Section 8 units rescued: ANHD outreach rescued eleven buildings containing over 1,100 units of housing from leaving the Section 8 affordability program.
  • 2004-2005 - $530 million: ANHD held the City to a promise unfulfilled for 30 years to forge a new Battery Park City agreement that leveraged $130 millionfor 4,500 affordable units, and again in 2010, an additional $400 million for affordable housing.
  • 2003-2005 - 7,200 apartments repaired per year: ANHD led the City to adopt the Targeted Cyclical Enforcement Program to enforce

ANHD was the first to analyze and sound the alarm about predatory equity: the multifamily version of subprime mortgage abuses in our neighborhoods. During the peak of the recent real estate boom, speculative owners backed by private equity investors purchased some 100,000 affordable apartment units. The overleveraged owners/investors’ strategy was to dramatically increase operating income by illegally displacing current residents and creating luxury units upon vacancy.

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