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A Victory for Tenant Power!

June 18, 2019

Passage of Rent Reform in Albany Shows the Tenants United Will Never Be Defeated

Last week marked a huge victory for the tenant movement in New York State and for all those who believe in the right to a safe, secure, and affordable home regardless of income. After decades of fighting in Albany and in communities across the state, the tenant movement beat back the real estate industry by closing the loopholes that spurred the displacement of so many of our neighbors.

ANHD’s members have long been at the center of the building-by-building organizing work that it took to win, forming tenant associations, fighting major capital improvements (MCI)’s and overcharges, building tenant leadership, and uniting in coalitions to move from neighborhood to citywide to statewide power. Non-profit, mission-oriented developers have fought to prevent speculators from taking over their neighborhoods. ANHD staff have been proud to support our members and the broader movement with data and policy analysis, communications support, capacity-building, and coalition organizing along the way.

The law passed and signed on Friday was a huge achievement and a reminder of what a strong, unified, fighting movement can accomplish. Now is the time to celebrate – and to take the power and momentum of this win into the next round of organizing, to enforce the new laws, to expand rent stabilization into cities across the state, and to win still-needed protections for millions more unregulated tenants.

Congratulations and thank you to all our members and allies, and to all the tenants who fought along the way to make last week’s victory possible.

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