Building the Capacity of the Movement


Local community groups and individuals fighting to preserve and develop affordable housing and support economic justice activities are working under challenging circumstances and with limited resources. These groups and community members, especially grassroots and smaller organizations, need timely and easily accessible educational trainings and supports to advance their interests and do their best work.

What We're Doing

When adequately supported, neighborhood-based organizations make significant and substantive gains for their communities. Ongoing technical assistance and professional development support ensure that groups representing low- and moderate-income communities have the skills and resources to help them address the complex community issues they are experiencing on the ground. These groups need to be as strong as possible so that New York’s marginalized communities can fight for their interests and win!

Why It Matters

ANHD annually provides 500+ New Yorkers with the education, resources, and capacity needed to better support low- and moderate-income individuals and communities throughout New York City. We offer a training series, a fellowship, a community leadership apprenticeship, individual and group based training and technical assistance, and our annual conference.

Recent Blogs and Media

November 25, 2023
This video series shares the stories of the merchant leaders of the Citywide Merchant Organizing Project. In addition to owning and operating storefront businesses, they organize to fight displacement pressures, build community wealth, and drive truly equitable economic development.

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