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Since its founding in 1974, ANHD has provided commentary and analysis on the preservation and development of affordable housing in New York City, and more recently, its equitable economic development activities. This online Resource Library represents a comprehensive compilation of our published blogs, charts, maps, reports, testimony, and white papers, investigating trends in the community development space. We encourage you to use it for uncovering general information, data analysis and critique, and alternative policy solutions related to affordable housing and economic development.

All of our materials are sorted based on the issues, projects, special tags, types, and dates they are associated with, and you can use the dropdowns below to filter through the library based on these tags. Additionally, you can do a general search through our library, using the search bar the right. If you can’t find what you are looking for, email

E.g., 09/24/2021
E.g., 09/24/2021
A infographic breaking down the City's new Mandatory Inclusionary Housing proposal.
An annual city-wide anlysis of key economic indicators broken down by neighborhood.
New York City is experiencing major financial growth. But despite its economic dynamism, the city’s...
A report back from a forum of key stakeholders discussing the challenges and opportunities related to ensuring permanent affordability in subsidized housing.
An analysis of the feasibility of building permanently affordable housing, incliding newly proposed models.
ANHD is releasing a new white paper today, Permanent Affordability: Practical Solutions, which lays...
On June 26, 2015 after a long campaign by the tenant and affordable housing movement both he Rent...
A district-by-district analysis of what was lost, gained and remaining in affordable housing in areas rezoned for Vountary Inclusionary Housing under Mayor Bloomberg