Thursday, February 22, 2018


Training Workshops:  ANHD provides up to 40 trainings per year on affordable housing development and operations, tenant issues, equitable economic development and other topics.   To see our current workshops and to register, CLICK HERE.

Center for Neighborhood Leadership (CNL):  ANHD’s Center for Neighborhood Leadership trains and supports community leaders and increases capacity for grassroots organizations.   CNL has three program tracks:

1) CNL’s 10-month Apprenticeship Program:  ANHD, working in partnership with Public Allies New York, selects, trains, and places a minimum of 10 candidates in a 10-month internship at a community non-profit. Apprentices are paid a total of $17,000 for their ten months of service with on-going training, and receive health insurance, child care reimbursement benefits, and a post service education award of $5,550. To date, CNL has a 90% success rate in apprentices graduating into employment.

2) The NYC Organizing Academy:  Intensive training for staff at community non-profit organization with two training tracks:     1) for new staff;  2) for experienced staff.

3) Community Impact Project CNL provides continuing strategic support for community organizations via technical assistance and collective campaign work.

Morgan Stanley Community Development Fellowship: Since 2012 ANHD and Morgan Stanley have partnered to create a yearly community development fellowship that matches top-level NYC-area masters’ degree students iwht a local community development organization. The students then spend 10 months carrying out a specific project tha thte group could not otherwise accomplish.  This program has a 100% employment success rates with 40% of the Fellows graduating directly into government urban planning-related jobs.

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