ANHD Stands with the AAPI Community


March 26, 2021

Our Statement in Light of the Killings in Georgia

We are horrified by the recent murders in Georgia that took eight lives, six of whom were Asian women. This is not about one massacre, one event, or one week. These killings are just the latest in a history of white supremacist, patriarchal violence against poor and working-class Asian women, and they come at a time during which harmful anti-Asian rhetoric related to the COVID-19 pandemic has put the broader AAPI community at greater risk. It is terrifying, devastating, and abhorrent. It must stop.

We are disgusted that once again, there is the need for another statement of solidarity as a result of heinous, violent white supremacy. Asian, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, LQBTQAI, and Muslim communities are all subjected to daily threats both small and large as a result of systemic racism and oppression. We must fight to ensure that every person - especially those targeted by white supremacy - has the right to live free of harassment, discrimination, and violence. 

We continue to be concerned for the safety of our AAPI community members locally in our neighborhoods and all those across the country. To ANHD’s members who serve our AAPI communities - Asian Americans for Equality, CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, Chhaya Community Development Corporation, MinKwon Center for Community Action, and others - we stand with you and will continue to fight alongside you for justice and liberation.

In solidarity,
The ANHD Staff 


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