ANHD Statement on FY 2025 State Budget

April 15, 2024

Time for legislation that truly serves the people, not just developers and landlords.

ANHD is appalled and dismayed that despite record homelessness and rising evictions statewide, the housing deal reached by Albany leadership excludes the Housing Access Voucher Program (HAVP), which is supported across the board by tenants, landlords, homeowners, and homelessness advocates, and by bipartisan legislators in both chambers. The exclusion of this common sense program and disregard for consensus amongst its proponents is unacceptable, and will continue to prevent thousands of New Yorkers from accessing desperately needed rental assistance. We are also alarmed at the proposed changes to the IAI provision in the rent stabilization laws - by drastically raising the cap on increases available when longtime tenants vacate, our state government is painting a target on the backs of thousands of tenants, including many seniors. While we appreciate the efforts of those legislators who fought to prevent additional HSTPA rollbacks, and to pass a version of good cause legislation, this housing package is clearly one that primarily benefits market-rate developers and landlords over the interests of most New Yorkers.

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