ANHD Statement on Governor Hochul’s Executive Actions on Housing

July 19, 2023

Governor Hochul announced Executive Orders and new initiatives to tackle New York’s housing crisis, but ANHD highlights that the approach is limited, focusing mainly on production. ANHD emphasizes the importance of addressing homelessness, rent increases, discrimination, preservation of affordable units, and homeownership opportunities as part of comprehensive solutions. ANHD aims to collaborate with elected officials to find holistic solutions to the housing crisis.

Yesterday, Governor Hochul announced a series of Executive Orders and new initiatives aimed to help address New York’s housing crisis. 

The Governor is correct in saying that “solving our housing crisis can’t wait,” but the Governor is woefully wrong in the limited approach. Zoning is not everything.

The Governor’s announcements maintain the singular, misguided approach that New York’s housing crisis can be addressed through production alone. We cannot zone or build our way out of New York’s growing housing crisis. 

New York State needs solutions to all facets of our housing crisis, including record homelessness, skyrocketing rent increases and evictions, ongoing housing discrimination, preservation of existing affordable units, and lack of homeownership opportunities. Our low-income, BIPOC, and marginalized communities are in a housing crisis today and they need and deserve solutions now.

We all know that we must address our housing crisis. While we acknowledge the Governor’s steps yesterday, they are limited and insufficient following the State’s inaction and failure to address housing issues in this year’s budget and legislative session.  

ANHD hopes to work with all our elected officials to create the holistic solutions we need for our housing crisis.

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