As New York City prepares for a major transition in local government, ANHD, our members, and allies are all sharing ideas to help move us forward.

New York City’s low- and moderate-income residents and communities — and especially, Black, Indigenous, People of Color and immigrant communities — are reeling from the health, economic, and social crises brought on and elevated by COVID-19. Even before the pandemic, structural inequality shaped our city and the lives of those who live and work here. Our city’s housing, economic development, land use, and a host of other policies have failed to adequately address the needs of BIPOC, low-income, and marginalized communities, often reinforcing rather than resolving the impacts of long-standing structural oppression, discrimination, and disinvestment. Far too many New Yorkers have struggled to stay in their homes, access good jobs and economic opportunities, and maintain healthy, thriving neighborhoods.

The development, preservation, and management of deeply and permanently affordable housing and the need for inclusive growth opportunities are critical priorities for the sustainability and vitality of our communities. And, an environment that allows for our marginalized residents to engage, organize, participate and vote, is key to transforming our city into a more equitable, just, and sustainable place for decades to come.

Why This Matters

Decades of experience have taught us that people show up to the polls when they feel their vote matters and when they are voting on issues that impact their lives. And, 2020 in particular showed us the profound impact that an informed, engaged, and motivated electorate can mean to our democracy.

New Yorkers will go to polls this year to elect a new mayor, comptroller, four new borough presidents, and at least 35 new City Council members. This is an unprecedented transition of elected officials and a critical opportunity to shape the direction of New York City for the next decade and beyond. These decision makers, especially the mayor, play a significant role in setting the institutional and cultural approach to New York City’s development and preservation of affordable housing.

ANHD, our members, and our allies have a crucial role to play in listening, uplifting, and activating Black, Indigenous, People of Color and immigrant communities in this process.

What We're Doing

With the significant city leadership changes coming in 2022, ANHD is developing and signing onto proposals, policies, programs, and resources to advance a vision of a more equitable city. ANHD has been working to win policies, programs, and resources to advance a vision of a more equitable city - one that centers the needs and visions of BIPOC and low-income communities, builds and sustains strong community organizations and institutions, provides the types and quantity of affordable housing we need, and supports truly inclusive growth. We believe the below platforms will advance these goals.

Generally, the below platforms we link to include ways for the City to build community power to win affordable housing and equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers. The ideas and platforms we have signed on to:

  • Understand and support that housing justice is economic justice is racial justice
  • Demand an integrated housing plan to end homelessness and promote racial equity
  • Support and push for small business preservation since small business displacement is cultural displacement
  • Protect and preserve the city’s manufacturing sector
  • Plan for equity in the city’s land use processes
  • Build access to good paying jobs, truly affordable housing, and economic opportunity through real, transparent, and community-led development

ANHD believes in the power of organizing. We know that when people come together through community organizations, when community organizations unite across neighborhoods, and when we combine grassroots power with bold policy we can win meaningful, lasting change.


Below are the current platforms we know will advance these goals:

Below are the platforms ANHD has signed on to led by our members and allies in the movement for social justice:

ANHD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All material listed on this page are educational resources and do not represent our participation in or intervention in any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.