The Center for Community Leadership (CCL) trains and supports community leaders and increases the capacity of grassroots organizations to win concrete changes for communities.

Why This Matters

ANHD started the CCL in 2009 because we found that the community organizing movement needed a better infrastructure to attract, develop, and retain leaders who are dedicated to building grassroots collective power and tackling pressing neighborhood-based and citywide issues. CCL has gained a reputation among grassroots organizers and community organizations for its thoughtful design and planning, inclusion of theory and practical application, and authentic relationships built among cohort members and alumni. It is the only training community of its kind in New York City.

What We're Doing

CCL is a career long-learning program with two program tracks: the Organizing Apprenticeship, and the Organizing Academy (with both introductory level and advanced level course options). These tracks engage participants regularly for 10-months and provide them with skills related to social justice and successful grassroots organizing. Post-graduation, we continue supporting participants and the organizing movement with ongoing educational and networking opportunities.

Connect with your fellow CCL alumni through our LinkedIn page or through our Facebook Group. If you'd like to be added, please contact our Communications Associate, Melanie Breault, at Melanie.B@anhd.org.

The Impact and Network Created

Since 2009, 227 individuals have gone through a CCL training program, and 98 community organizations have been involved in this unique opportunity.

Examples of campaigns participants have worked on include:

  • 421a Reform
  • Basement Apartments Safe for Everyone Campaign (BASE)
  • CONH
  • Climate Justice
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • Ending Solitary Confinement
  • Ending the School to Prison Pipeline
  • Language Access at City Agencies
  • Lift the CAPS: Street Vendor Campaign
  • Numerous Neighborhood by Neighborhood Rezoning Campaigns
  • NYC Rent Freeze/Roll Back Campaign
  • NYS Rent Law Reform
  • Policing Reform Campaigns
  • Predatory Equity Campaigns
  • Right to Counsel in Housing Court
  • Stand For Tenant Safety, Department of Buildings Reform Campaign


Click here to see the full list of community organizations who we have worked with through CNL.

We Are Still Accepting Applications for the Organizing Academy!

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2019-2020 CCL Apprenticeship Cycle. Please check back at the end of the year, beginning of 2020 for the next apprenticeship cycle.

However, we are still accepting applications for our Organizing Academy. While CCL’s NYC Organizing Academy Introductory Course offers participants an overview of community change and organizing, the Advanced Course is a space to read, reflect, and explore ways to deepen their analysis and practice of community organizing. The Advance Course is designed to help you get to the next level and to dig deep into institutional and individual opportunities for growth. 

The Introductory Course is designed for organizers who are new to organizing and want to hone their skills in: base building, leadership development, work planning/time management, meeting facilitation, campaigns strategy and much more. The Advance Course is designed for organizers, managers, and directors who have been organizing for several years and seek to deepen their understanding and effectiveness in base building, leadership development, political education, coalitions and campaigns, and institutional growth - all looking at developing staff and creating a culture of excellence. 

Deadlines for both the CCL Organizing Academy Intro and Advance Courses are Friday, June 21. You can find the applications here for the Intro Course and the Advance Course. For more specific questions on the Organizing Academy, please visit our website.

Recents Blogs and Media

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