The Coalition Against Tenant Harassment (CATHnyc) is comprised of community organizations from around the City who are fighting against the displacement of low-income tenants through grassroots organizing and by promoting new tools to prevent tenant harassment.

The Project

Many landlords resort to harassment and other illegal tactics, especially in rent-stabilized apartments, since getting long-term tenants out gives the landlord the opportunity to renovate the apartment, raise the rent (which often takes it out of rent-stabilization entirely), and increase their profits with higher-paying tenants. This process is displacing low-income tenants from their homes all over New York City.

CATHnyc won a huge victory at the end of 2017, with the passage of a law establishing a Certificate of No Harassment (CONH) pilot program. CONH is designed to disincentivize tenant harassment by turning harassment from a tool landlords use to increase profits into a liability that can actually limit future profits.

CATHnyc is now working in buildings and communities throughout the city to maximize the impact of this new law through tenant education and organizing, and will work closely with elected officials, community boards, and government agencies to track results and look for ways to further improve and expand upon this important new program. 

Click here for the Pilot Program Building List. And what does it mean if your building is on the Pilot Program list? What can you do to get your building added to the Pilot Program?

Recent Blogs and Media

October 29, 2018
Reprinted from the Daily New Opinion Section – October 28th, 2018
October 12, 2018
City Launches Anti-Harassment Program with Release of List of More Than 1,000 Buildings with 26,000 Units

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