ANHD’s Displacement Alert Project is an initiative started in 2016 that leverages data, visualizations, and organizing to help preserve New York City’s stock of affordable housing. We compile fragmented information from various public records and databases and make it more easily accessible for advocates by displaying it in one place with intuitive, color-coded metrics.

The Project

ANHD developed the Displacement Alert Project as a part of our data and analysis work to combat displacement and preserve affordable housing.

Over the years, we have found that decreasing numbers of stabilized apartments, high price building sales, complaints, violations, and construction permits often indicate or precede speculation, gentrification, and displacement. Leveraging open data available on these and other key data points, we currently produce the Displacement Alert Map, Displacement Alert District Reports, and the Displacement Alert Watch List.

The Displacement Alert Map is a property-level interactive map that shows where residential tenants may be facing significant displacement pressures and where affordable apartments are most threatened across New York City. It includes data on loss of rent-stabilized units, property sales, and construction permits, and users can understand risk by selecting a layer and zooming in to investigate individual properties.

The Displacement Alert District Reports are monthly updates on harassment and displacement risk in rent-stabilized buildings by Community District and color-coded by risk factors. Similar to the Displacement Alert Map, they take public data on property sales, complaints, violations, and construction permits, and convert it into reports that reveal which buildings have the highest risk of tenant harassment and displacement. The District Reports have lists for each risk indicator, and based on how many lists properties appear on, are coded yellow, orange, or red. Users can click directly to a property’s page on city agency websites to do more in-depth research.​

The report format takes data from many different public sources and simplifies it for organizers, advocates, and community members so they can do research more quickly and prioritize outreach efforts. 

The Displacement Alert Watch List is a monthly data tool we produce to help organizers know which buildings to target for outreach and organizing before speculation has put tenants at risk of harassment and displacement. It shows rent-stabilized buildings that are currently being marketed for sale at a price that appears to be speculative and predicated on a plan of tenant displacement. We're using our research and analysis to launch new organizing strategies and tactics with our members to stop predatory sales before they take place. 

The Watch List is an exclusive tool for ANHD member organizations. 

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