New York City’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC) launched the Nonprofit Industrial Developer Fund in 2017 to help preserve and grow our industrial ecosystem, and the quality jobs it creates. In a city with a nation’s leading mission-driven affordable housing development sector, New York can build on that base to create a new model of a mission-driven industrial development and expand quality jobs where they are most needed.  The Industrial Development Fund provides low-cost financing to developers creating affordable industrial spaces and quality job opportunities. ANHD is dedicated to working with the EDC and other stakeholders to ensure success of this important new program model.

The Project

ANHD has been a key supporter of the city and EDC’s programs for the preservation and development of industrial spaces, recognizing this as a key component to our equitable economic development work.  The Industrial Developer Fund has recently become an even more effective tool as the EDC has streamlined and expedited the awards’ process.

The Industrial Development Fund focuses on the types of jobs created and the people being served – while ensuring that quality jobs are generated for those who are often left out.

To get more information on the NYCEDC Industrial Developer Fund’s newest Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI), email Benjamin.D@anhd.org.

Recents Blogs and Media

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In New York City, economic development is a crucial equity challenge, an important policy challenge, and an essential community development challenge. To address growing inequality, we need to think about economic development in a bold and fearless way—one that supports economic opportunity for all communities, emphasizing the quality of the jobs created and the needs of New York City residents.

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