The Industrial Jobs Coalition is a citywide alliance of community groups, policy advocates, and service providers fighting to protect and preserve manufacturing as a sector in New York.

The Project

Protecting and preserving the manufacturing sector means that more New Yorkers, regardless of their background or educational attainment, have access to good paying jobs and economic mobility. Nearly two-thirds of New York City’s industrial jobs are available to those without a college degree, and over 80% are held by people of color.

We advocate for a zoning framework that allows manufacturers to stay in the city and ends speculation on industrial land, to ensure that the jobs being created in manufacturing areas are good jobs accessible to all New Yorkers.

In 2017, the Industrial Jobs Coalition led the campaign to require a special permit for self-storage facilities in Industrial Business Zones, to ensure that industrial land continues to be used for job creation and local economic development.

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New York's Industrial Business Zones


What are Industrial Business Service Providers?

New York’s 8 Industrial Business Service Providers support 40,000 industrial firms across the city. They provide services to help retain and grow industrial businesses, including training and technical assistance, workforce development services, support in accessing government programs, financing services, and business planning.

IBSPs also help promote and advance citywide policy commitments to the city’s industrial sector and provide critical perspectives and community input for neighborhood rezonings.

Recent Blogs and Media

Press Release
April 25, 2023
ANHD commends Councilmember Gutiérrez, Councilmember Farias, and the many elected officials who stood together with us today for their commitment to advancing a proactive and comprehensive bill that champions planning for NYC’s industrial sector.

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