Good lending on multifamily apartment buildings is as necessary as bad lending is destructive; all neighborhoods need regular access to credit to keep the housing stock healthy, but irresponsible lending can make conditions worse for tenants. 

The Project

Overleveraging (lending more money than the building’s income can support) and lending to bad-actor landlords are just two examples of practices that often lead to displacement and harassment of tenants. 

ANHD uses our internal research and the activism of our broad networks of tenant organizers to advocate for all lenders to adopt a set of best practices to ensure their lending supports – and does not erode – decent and affordable sources of housing. This includes responsible underwriting, proper vetting of landlords, and staffing that works with tenants and the landlord to address issues as they arise after the loan is made.

Recents Blogs and Media

December 11, 2017
Tenants, community advocates and policy makers have been ringing the alarm bell about bad mortgage lending in mutlifamily buildings. Over the past few years, we have opened up an important dialogue with regulators and banks who understand that bad lending is a direct threat to our neighborhoods.
December 7, 2017
On December 1st, the East Brooklyn Reinvestment Committee, a group of East New York activists and Board and Staff members of the Cypress Hills LDC (CHLDC) held their annual Bank Reinvestment Forum. This powerful forum really gets at the heart of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), which requires banks to reinvest and lend equitably in the local areas where they do business – it doesn’t get any more local than this.
August 15, 2017
Today, Public Advocate Letitia James released The Money Behind the Worst Landlords where she is calling on the banks loaning money to the landlords on her annual Worst Landlord List to commit to using their financial influence to hold landlords accountable, demand repairs to dangerous buildings, and stop lending to those who are forcing tenants out with underhanded or illegal tactics. ANHD applauds the public advocate for making public what is often hidden behind that list – the banks that are financing these landlords.

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