ANHD’s Rezoning Technical Assistance program provides strategic and technical support for community groups engaged in campaigns around large-scale rezonings. The language and processes of rezonings are often confusing, disempowering, and exclusionary. ANHD’s work helps ensure that marginalized community members have the knowledge and power to exert control over land use decisions and their impacts.

The Project

When residents of marginalized communities have control over land use decisions, the future of their neighborhood can be shaped by the needs and priorities of those who live there instead of by the dictates of real estate developers and the private market.

ANHD works toprovide community groups with the data, policy, political and procedural knowledge and tools they need to engage the City and our elected representatives on an equal footing to advance their own local vision for their communities.

The neighborhoods we have worked in include East New York, Jerome Avenue, Gowanus, Stapleton, Bushwick, Chinatown/Two Bridges, Southern Boulevard, and Long Island City – and we continue to seek to provide support wherever possible.

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