Benjamin Dulchin
Former Executive Director


212-747-1117, ext. 17

Benjamin Dulchin no longer works at ANHD.

Benjamin Dulchin is the Executive Director.  Benjamin is committed to NYC’s activist community development movement, and has been a housing and community organizer for twenty-six years.  Since becoming Executive Director, Benjamin has expanded the scope of ANHD’s work, led research and advocacy campaigns on key issues to change the landscape of NYC housing policy, shaped ANHD’s bank reinvestment research and advocacy, led ANHD’s new focus on equitable economic development, and expanded the capacity-building programs that ANHD provides for our membership. Benjamin’s dog is grumpy, but his two children are not.

Benjamin's Blogs

News Clip
August 17, 2016
June 17, 2016
The New York State budget passed on April 1st made a historic $2 billion funding commitment to take on the state's worsening affordable housing and homeless crisis. This was an important step, but the funding cannot be released and the work actually begin until our representatives in Albany agree to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for this funding.