Benjamin Dulchin
Executive Director


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Benjamin Dulchin is the Executive Director.  Benjamin is committed to NYC’s activist community development movement, and has been a housing and community organizer for twenty-six years.  Since becoming Executive Director, Benjamin has expanded the scope of ANHD’s work, led research and advocacy campaigns on key issues to change the landscape of NYC housing policy, shaped ANHD’s bank reinvestment research and advocacy, led ANHD’s new focus on equitable economic development, and expanded the capacity-building programs that ANHD provides for our membership. Benjamin’s dog is grumpy, but his two children are not.

Benjamin's Blogs

April 8, 2017
Albany has come to an agreement on that includes resurrecting the 421-a real estate tax exemption, with a vote on the full State budget expected today. There is no acceptable reason that everyone except luxury real estate developers should be expected to pay their taxes. Taxpayers and tenants should be disgusted. We will need the $1.4 billion – and growing – that we spend each and every year on 421-a to fill the holes that will be left in the local budget by Trump’s federal budget cuts for essential services.
March 30, 2017
The important debate around the 421-a tax exemption may come to a head in Albany by Friday, but an article in yesterday's Crain’s New York makes clear that new development is moving ahead either way, a fact that should change the debate. Getting the 421-a program right matters. We owe it to our taxpayers and our communities.
February 13, 2017
The real estate industry has long claimed that the 421a tax exemption is absolutely necessary to get new rental housing built in our City and that this justifies the enormous cost of the program. But new data and recent reports from policy experts show this is not true.
February 8, 2017
What does it do? What does it cost? In January 2017, a revised 421-a Tax Exemption, rebranded and given the title “The Affordable New York Housing Program,” was introduced and inserted into the proposed FY18 New York State budget.
January 17, 2017
Today, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced new commissioner appointments to lead his Housing and Economic Development team. The new commissioners will lead the critical task of shaping the direction of housing, land use, and job growth of NYC neighborhoods for the next phase of the de Blasio Administration.