Benjamin Dulchin
Executive Director


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Benjamin Dulchin is the Executive Director.  Benjamin is committed to NYC’s activist community development movement, and has been a housing and community organizer for twenty-six years.  Since becoming Executive Director, Benjamin has expanded the scope of ANHD’s work, led research and advocacy campaigns on key issues to change the landscape of NYC housing policy, shaped ANHD’s bank reinvestment research and advocacy, led ANHD’s new focus on equitable economic development, and expanded the capacity-building programs that ANHD provides for our membership. Benjamin’s dog is grumpy, but his two children are not.

Benjamin's Blogs

November 4, 2016
The controversial 421a tax exemption for developers – now popularly known as the Trump Tax Break – is back in the news with reports of a possible pre-Election Day deal that would mortgage New York City’s budget for decades to come. As a recent article in Politico New York reports, decision-makers are not only conferring to bring the 421a Trump Tax Break back, but they are also considering making the tax break even more costly by extending the term of the exemption.
October 21, 2016
Almost one year ago, the Administration and the City Council, with the support of many of us in the economic development community, announced the Industrial Action Plan, a ten-point roadmap for strengthening the industrial and manufacturing sector, a growing source of middle-class jobs and entrepreneurial opportunity for New Yorkers in all five boroughs.
October 7, 2016
The 421a Developers' Tax Exemption is the most important and most expensive New York City tax incentive that most people have never heard of, and has been an underlying fact of real estate development for the past 40 years. Something surprising happened this past January when the tax exemption was temporarily suspended, an unexpected causality of the struggle between big real estate and construction trades unions.
September 27, 2016
Dear New York Times Real Estate Section, Your front-page article this weekend, with the headline "Finding Washington Heights" and gauzy illustration of a beatific white woman framed in a sea of darker faces, went too far.
September 21, 2016
The ANHD family mourns the loss of David Pagan, who passed away yesterday after a short illness. David was a lion of the community development movement in New York City, leading the Los Sures community development group on the Southside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn from its early days in the 1970s until his retirement in 2010. David’s life, and the impact of his work and leadership in Williamsburg and in the community development movement across New York City, has been extraordinary.