Christopher Casey
Senior Campaign Organizer
Christopher Casey

Christopher Casey (he/him) is ANHD's Senior Campaign Organizer.

He is responsible for coordinating the Thriving Communities and Industrial Jobs coalitions and supporting the Organizing Team’s ongoing campaigns and capacity building initiatives. Christopher supports both coalitions by helping to develop and refine their campaign strategies, executing campaign tactics, building relationships with elected and appointed officials, and conducts outreach to expand the coalition’s membership and allies. 

Prior to joining ANHD, Christopher developed and managed the civic engagement and electoral program at WE ACT For Environmental Justice, organized and facilitated a literary coalition of writers that championed free expression issues for PEN America, built and waged consumer campaigns at Consumer Reports Inc, and served as a Campaign Organizer for 

Christopher and his life partner are long-time residents of Washington Heights and spends his free time volunteering in community gardens, renovating a home in Teaneck, NJ, his church, and consuming as many Nollywood and Iranian films as possible.