Lena Afridi
Former Director of Policy

Lena Afridi was ANHD’s Director of Policy. Born in Karachi and raised in Queens, Lena is committed to fighting for good jobs and safe and affordable housing for low wealth communities of color and immigrant communities. At ANHD, Lena helps implement policies that address economic and racial inequity in New York City through research, data analysis, and advocacy. Lena has worked across movements for over a decade, and connects issues of race, labor, and city planning. She was a 2016 Urban Design Forum Forefront Fellow and a 2017 Next City Vanguard Fellow. Lena holds a BA from Mount Holyoke College and a Master of Regional Planning Degree from Cornell University. In her spare time, Lena can be found writing or powerlifting.

Lena's Blogs

June 21, 2016
The City Council took an important first step today to protect New York City's small businesses and passed Intro 851 to curtail harassment of commercial tenants. This bill, sponsored by Council Member Robert Cornegy, chair of Council's Committee on Small Business, creates for the first time a definition of commercial tenant harassment and provides business owners with the ability to litigate against unscrupulous landlords.
February 5, 2016
Monday, NYC EDC announced that the number of outer borough private sector jobs has grown at more than double the rate of jobs in Manhattan since Mayor de Blasio has taken office. ANHD applauds the Administration's success in increasing jobs outside of Manhattan.