Lucy Block
Senior Research and Data Associate


212-747-1117, ext. 13

Lucy Block (she/her) is ANHD's Senior Research and Data Associate. She is responsible for data analysis, research, and policy to support the tenant organizing movement and end displacement in New York City’s communities of color and low-income neighborhoods. Lucy manages ANHD's Displacement Alert Project. She received a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from Hunter College in 2017 and was a Morgan Stanley Community Development Fellow placed at Cypress Hills LDC from 2016-2017. She also teaches courses in data analysis, visualization, and storytelling at NYU Wagner. Lucy grew up in Stuyvesant Town and now lives in Elmhurst, Queens. She loves New York City most in the summer and begrudgingly tolerates New York City in the winter.  

Lucy Block's News and Content

October 2, 2018
More Ways to See and Understand Displacement with New and Updated Data
June 13, 2018
We’ve Updated Our Handy AMI Tool with 2018 Numbers
May 30, 2018
There remains a stark mismatch between the kinds of housing being created in New York City and the kinds of housing New York City’s existing households need.
January 11, 2018
The Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development (ANHD) is excited to release the next phase of our Displacement Alert Project (DAP): DAP District Reports. DAP Reports provide monthly updates on harassment and displacement risk in rent stabilized buildings across New York City’s 59 community districts.