Stephanie Sosa-Kalter
Director of Mission-Driven Development


212-747-1117, ext. 28

Stephanie Sosa-Kalter is ANHD's Director of Mission-Driven Development. She handles the research, analysis, and drafting of ANHD’s policy on affordable housing production and preservation, with a particular focus on underwriting analysis.  She maintains relations with ANHD’s constituency of neighborhood-based, not-for-profit affordable housing developers, located throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Prior to joining ANHD, Stephanie worked at various community development organizations including Fordham-Bedford Housing Corporation and RiseBoro Community Partnership. On her free time, she enjoys spending time with her pug Whitney, exploring diverse cuisines, and traveling.

Stephanie's Blogs

October 17, 2017
Non-profit affordable housing developers have played a key role in New York City housing plans since the beginning of the modern, city-backed affordable housing model. The role of for-profit developers has grown over the years, leaving community development practitioners to question whether affordable housing development has become overly reliant on for-profit developers and whether the level of public benefit created by these projects has diminished.