ANHD Training Series

ANHD’s training series is designed to ensure local community groups and individuals interested in building, preserving, managing, and supporting affordable housing, and in promoting economic and racial justice have the skills, resources, and networks needed to engage in the work and tackle complex community development issues.


ANHD offers 1-3 hour training sessions through our Affordable Housing Institute, as well as one off training sessions as needed for our members and the movement via ANHD staff and partners in the field.


ANHD’s Affordable Housing Institute annually offers 20 workshops that help participants learn about and gain skills on multi-family housing development, long-term asset management, property management, and strategic opportunities. For example, this past year we offered training on affordable housing project management, removing building violations, and underwriting passive housing construction standards.


Other training sessions that ANHD staff and partners have put on in the past include Organizing Tenant Associations, How to Prevent Burnout for Organizers, Making Meetings Memorable, CRA 101, and Small Business Merchant Organizing 101.


In the 2022-23 training year, ANHD is focused on offering multi-part series training sessions with expert consultants, and offering sustainability training that ensures members can green and grow their buildings.


All of ANHD’s training sessions are low-cost, or free. At this time they are also all virtual, hosted over zoom. We encourage you to search our current, upcoming workshops listed below.

There are no upcoming events.