Trainings and Events

ANHD offers an array of trainings and events over the course of the year to help build the knowledge and expertise of the community development movement.

Through our Training Series, we provide single or multi-day workshop-style trainings, designed for skills-building around issues related to housing preservation and development, community organizing, and equitable economic development.

ANHD also has two long-term training programs. The Center for Community Leadership offers eligible participants the opportunity to apply to become organizers or to improve their community organizing skills and build community. The Morgan Stanley Community Development Graduate Fellowship offers eligible participants the opportunity to become part of the next generation of community development leaders following their final year of graduate school.

Our Annual Conference is an all-day event, which brings together key players from across the community development movement. It is a space where organizers, tenant leaders, nonprofit professionals, banks, politicians, and mission-driven housing developers can come together to share ideas on how to create a more equitable city.

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