Wednesday, June 20, 2018

USBNYC and ANHD Support Yemeni and Muslim Small Business Strike

United for Small Business NYC (USBNYC), a coalition convened by ANHD, supports Muslim bodega and grocery owners striking today in response to the “Muslim ban” executive order. USBNYC includes community organizations from across New York City fighting to protect New York’s small businesses and non-residential tenants from the threat of displacement, with a particular focus on owner-operated, low-income, minority and immigrant-run businesses that serve low-income, immigrant, and minority communities.

New York’s small businesses are what make this city special both nationally and worldwide. USBNYC is committed to ensuring that the city’s immigrant and minority owned businesses thrive. Small business displacement – whether through speculation, gentrification, harassment, or draconian immigration policy – is cultural displacement and undermines the fabric of New York’s neighborhoods. Immigrants and refugees make up almost half of all New York City small business owners, making them a fundamental part of the city’s unique diversity. In a time of great uncertainty and explicit attacks on Muslims and people of color across the country, it is vital to stand up for our communities and for our neighbors. In order to propel and show support for the City’s rich history of immigrant enterprise, we stand with Yemeni and Muslim small businesses today and every day.

Yemeni American Community

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