ANHD Statement on FY 2024 State Budget

May 02, 2023

The New York State government’s failure to invest in programs for housing instability during record homelessness, evictions, and rent increase is disappointing. However, Good Cause eviction protection and legalization of basement apartments can still be passed. $391M in Emergency Rental Assistance and $40M in foreclosure prevention are bright spots in the budget. ANHD thanks the Senate and Assembly for supporting Displacement Alert Project, which is critical in facing the housing crisis in 2023. ANHD will fight for BIPOC, low-income, and immigrant New Yorkers’ housing resources and protections.

New York City (May 2, 2023) -- At a time of record homelessness, increasing evictions, skyrocketing rents, and economic instability, failure on the part of our state government to invest in programs and services to help those most impacted by housing instability is deeply irresponsible and disappointing. New Yorkers needed funding for Housing Access Vouchers and eviction prevention services through the Statewide Right to Counsel. By leaving them out of the budget, our state leadership has all but guaranteed that homelessness and displacement will continue to soar throughout the state.

However, it is not too late to pass legislative measures to ensure Good Cause eviction protections and allow the legalization of basement apartments, and we urge the Legislature to commit to doing so before the end of session. We also appreciate two small bright spots for housing in the budget. The $391 million in Emergency Rental Assistance (ERAP) funding to help pay for COVID-era arrears in Public and Subsidized housing, an important measure to ensure solvency for deeply affordable housing throughout the state. And the $40 million in foreclosure prevention funding to Homeowner Protection Program.

ANHD thanks the Senate and Assembly for their ongoing support and funding of the Displacement Alert Project (DAP). The DAP Portal allows elected officials, community organizations, and local stakeholders to understand where tenants and small homeowners are at the greatest risk of displacement and intervene with strategies to stop displacement. The Legislature’s support generated over 13,000 users to DAP Portal last year, and this innovative data tool will be all the more critical in the year ahead, given the housing crisis we will face in 2023.

ANHD will continue to fight alongside our members and allies for the resources and protections that BIPOC, low-income, and immigrant New Yorkers need to secure safe, decent and affordable housing.



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