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ANHD’s Year in Review: 2023 Top Moments


What a year it’s been! As we reflect on 2023 and anticipate our 50th anniversary, we invite you to join us in celebrating our milestones and supporting our work for the future. Your contribution fuels our capacity to address pressing challenges, adapt to evolving landscapes, and continue our legacy of winning affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

From celebrating the passage of the Fair Housing Framework law, publishing the groundbreaking State of Storefronts 2023 report, expanding our services to support greening NYC’s affordable housing stock, and so much more, each moment reflects our commitment to building community power.

Scroll through some defining moments that shaped our year:

  • Protecting Low-Income New Yorkers

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    ANHD worked closely with the Equitable Reinvestment Committee, FDIC, and other stakeholders in the wake of Signature Bank’s collapse to ensure their risky behaviors don’t impact low-income New Yorkers.

  • Advancing Equitable Neighborhoods

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    ANHD & the Industrial Jobs Coalition played a pivotal role in preserving and expanding the city’s industrial sector, with advocacy efforts that contributed to the success of the Industrial Development Strategic Plan bill, a significant stride toward advancing equitable neighborhoods.

  • Expanding Housing for At-Risk Tenants

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    ANHD’s Right to a Roof coalition helped win more housing vouchers for at-risk tenants facing eviction or residing in shelters with the City Council’s FHEPS expansion package.

  • Empowering Communities with Proactive Tools

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    ANHD launched the Land Use Toolkit, a new interactive website empowering communities with proactive tools for navigating the land use and planning process.

  • Engaging in Community Development Dialogues

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    ANHD actively engaged in key community development dialogues, including the Black Economic Alliance’s Solutions Summit, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition’s Just Economy Conference, the Small Business Anti-displacement Network’s Conference, the Waterfront Conference, and more! Being part of these discussions strengthens our commitment to Build Community Power.

  • Activating Public Space Through The Local Center

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    ANHD and the Urban Design Forum launched The Local Center with five partner organizations selected to receive funding and technical support for public space activation projects in their neighborhoods, helping to strengthen community ties and enhance local public spaces.

  • Powering Anti-Displacement Efforts

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    ANHD’s Displacement Alert Project expanded its reach, serving as a critical resource for anti-displacement strategies. Collaborations with OCA Data Collective and Right to Counsel on tenant protections highlight our commitment to building inclusive communities.

  • Supporting the Next Generation of Developers

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    ANHD’s Community Development Fellowship welcomed our 12th cohort, tackling a range of critical topics, including affordable housing development, preservation, community land trusts, cooperative conversions, and small businesses.

  • Honoring our Past to Guide our Future

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    ANHD launched the Community Development Archive to reflect on the history of the movement, assess past tools and milestones, and inform the roadmap for the next 50 years.

  • Revitalizing the Center for Community Leadership

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    ANHD revamped our Center for Community Leadership offerings, introducing a new 6-month version of the Advanced Organizing Seminar, featuring personalized 1-1 support and the introduction of annual CCL Care Days.


  • Greening Affordable Housing

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    ANHD is helping to green and grow our affordable housing stock, working with WeAct and four other nonprofits as NYSERDA’s Manhattan Clean Energy Hub, connecting residents to green job opportunities and home energy efficiency upgrades.

  • Centering BIPOC at the Community Development Conference

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    ANHD successfully hosted our 12th Annual Community Development conference series across NYC, drawing 400 attendees and directing 90%+ of expenses to BIPOC, local, and community-based individuals or companies.

  • Celebrating Fair Housing Framework Law Passage

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    ANHD joined Speaker Adams, Council Members, and advocates to celebrate the passage of the Fair Housing Framework law, aimed at addressing affordable housing needs, community development, and displacement risks.

  • Leading in Small Business Data Collection

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    ANHD continues to trailblaze on NYC small business data collection and analysis, publishing the State of Storefronts 2023: Beyond Recovery report, backed by our extensive and unique city data, resulting in recognition from The New York Times.

  • Expanding the ANHD Team, Strengthening Impact for Future Growth

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    ANHD expanded our team, welcoming five new members, enhancing our capacity, and paving the way for future growth and impact as we turn 50 next year!! Join us in our mission to build stronger, more equitable communities; we have three available positions here!

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