Become a Member of ANHD

ANHD has been a unique resource for non-profit organizations involved in New York City’s community development movement since our establishment in 1974. We provide our member groups and their communities with the tools and power needed to control the policies and decisions that affect their neighborhoods.

Non-profits receive exclusive or low-cost access to an array of services and supports as an ANHD member, including our:

  1. Training Institute Workshops, developed and offered based on timely community topics in the areas of (1) affordable housing development and management, (2) community organizing and advocacy, and (3) economic development.
  2. Center for Neighborhood Leadership program, which provides targeted trainings and resources for entry-, mid-, and senior-level community leaders in grassroots organizing, helping them and the organizations they work with to achieve long-term, concrete changes in marginalized communities.
  3. Morgan Stanley Community Development Graduate Fellowship, which annually pairs nine graduate degree students with our member groups to work on a specific community development project that the group could not otherwise accomplish.
  4. Industrial-development capacity support, which offers individualized and group based assistance for accessing available resources and supports that enable you to enter and/or advance in emerging industrial development opportunities throughout New York City.
  5. New York City Budget Advocacy, which rallies our members to support key city-funded affordable housing and economic development programs, including the Housing Preservation Initiative, the Community Consultant Contract, and the Neighborhood Preservation Program.
  6. Members-only Emails, with information on available resources and supports for your work, as well as key information on current community matters.
  7. Annual Community Development Conference, which 500+ mission-driven developers, community leaders, organizers, elected officials, community development professionals, and financial allies attend to engage in a full day of workshops, plenary panels, and conversations on affordable housing and economic development.

Additionally, ANHD members receive the support of ANHD’s policy research and activism. We annually work with our member groups to shape an aggressive agenda of policy activism and grassroots mobilizing to shape the landscape of affordable housing policy in our city, and support the agenda of our member groups.

We welcome membership applications from neighborhood-based and city-wide organizations that share our mission and the missions of our member groups. We have both Full Membership and Affiliate Membership statuses.

Full Membership is designated for neighborhood-based not-for-profit organizations that have affordable housing and/or equitable economic development as a central component of their mission. Full members have access to the entire range of ANHD’s projects and services and vote for and may serve on the ANHD Board of Directors.  Annual membership dues are set on a sliding scale based on the member’s core operating budget.

Affiliate Membership is designated for city-wide not-for-profit organizations that have affordable housing and/or equitable economic development as a central component of their mission. Affiliates may access the full range of ANHD services, but do not have voting privileges.

If you’re a current ANHD member looking to renew, download this PDF form.

For further information on membership contact Rita Mazza.