The Center for Neighborhood Leadership (CNL) trains and supports community leaders and increases the capacity of grassroots organizations to win concrete changes for communities.

To learn more about the program and its different components – including the Organizing Apprenticeship, Organizing Academy, Community Impact Project, and Alumni Programming – please visit cnlnyc.org.

Why This Matters

ANHD started the CNL in 2009 because we found that the community organizing movement needed a better infrastructure to attract, develop, and retain leaders who are dedicated to building grassroots collective power and tackling pressing neighborhood-based and citywide issues. CNL has gained a reputation among grassroots organizers and community organizations for its thoughtful design and planning, inclusion of theory and practical application, and authentic relationships built among cohort members and alumni. It is the only training community of its kind in New York City.

What We're Doing

CNL is a career long-learning program that currently has three program tracks: The Organizing Apprenticeship, the Organizing Academy (with both introductory level and advanced level course options), and the Community Impact Project. The Apprenticeship and Academy engage participants regularly for 10-months and provide them with skills related to social justice and successful grassroots organizing. Post-graduation, we continue supporting participants and the organizing movement with ongoing educational and networking opportunities. Since 2009, 180 individuals have gone through a CNL training program, and 84 community organizations have been involved in this unique opportunity.

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