Year 15 Projects: Offset $150K+ in Rehab, $10K+/mo Utilities

November 30, 2022 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

The deadline for this event has passed.

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This workshop session is for property managers, building managers, and senior leaders in non-profit development to understand how Year 15 projects closings in December 2022 and into 2023 can access up to $2000 per unit in energy efficiency incentives.  

Year 15 repositioning projects have a custom route through ConEd and National Grid’s AMEEP program, which also includes cost-saving steps using the IPNA you’ve already completed. 

We’ll talk through examples and real experiences of ANHD members navigating this process, including one project that is eligible for getting about $192k in incentives, paying about $65,000 for about $255k of work, with $40k in estimated utility savings each year.  

Join and discuss any upcoming rehab and retrofit projects you have where it might be helpful to layer in ConEd and National Grid incentives for the work as part of your financing and construction budget. 

Key aspects you will learn include: 

  • How ANHD members going through Year 15 repositioning are covering 85% of the costs of electric and gas-related work. 
  • How one building is only paying $10k of the $90k total energy and gas-related construction work, paying off that investment in less than a year with $12k in estimated utility savings each year. 
  • How large buildings are avoiding $100k+ annual penalties in the next decade by lowering their building’s emissions this year. 
  • How these energy efficiency upgrades help improve tenant comfort, building operations, and lower operating costs. 
  • And how ANHD can provide FREE expert technical assistance, accountability, and navigation to help members (saving your project manager’s time, and $10k+ in application expenses with contractor-assisted navigation support).