The Racial Jobs Gap: Who Benefits from New York’s Economic Growth

Good paying jobs are growing in every borough of the city, but many New Yorkers, especially low wealth New Yorkers of color, remain disconnected from those jobs.

While 57% of jobs in the City are good paying jobs, they are less likely to go to local residents of color. Communities of color are not only excluded from the City’s economic boom, they are at greater risk of displacement as housing costs rise and access to good paying jobs remains limited.

NYC Industrial Action Plan - 3 Years Later Progress Report

Three years since the Industrial Action Plan announcement, the Industrial Jobs Coalition grades the Administration’s progress on the 10-point agenda.

The State of Bank Reinvestment in New York City: 2017

On the heels of our 8th Annual Community Development Conference—where Governor Lael Brainard, from the Federal Reserve Board delivered our keynote address, the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD) is pleased to release The State of Bank Reinvestment in New York City: 2017.

The Life and Times of ANHD

This history was reconstructed and written by Bonnie Brower, through piecing together dusty, old files and probing the rusty memories of available old-timers.

Inequitable Enforcement: The Crisis of Housing Code Enforcement in New York City

Co-authored with the NYC Comptroller assessing code enforcement policy and laying out recommendations for change.

An in-depth analysis of existing data sources reveals that the neighborhoods with the most severe housing problems are receiving the worst housing code enforcement.

Affordable Housing at a Crossroads: Not-for-Profit Housing Production in the New Marketplace

Comprehensive assessment of the landscape for affordable housing production

Homeownership Stabilization Initiative: Final Evaluation

An evaluation of the impact of the Homeownership Stabilization Initiative

Save Our Homes: A Call to Action

How NYC can preserve 77,000 affordable apartments that are at risk of losing their HUD subsidies

The Making of a Movement: How Organizing is Transforming Housing in New York City

Recent important housing policy changes, and the strategies that neighborhood-based housing groups used to achieve these victories. The report highlights the role of community organizing and ANHD member groups through the Initiative for Neighborhood and City-Wide Organizing

The Sub-Prime Loan Crisis in NY Apartment housing: How Collapsing Predatory Equity Deals Will Harm Communities and Investors

We explore the serious danger to the stability and viability of working class neighborhoods in New York City, as well as lenders, investors, and commercial credit markets. This paper cites evidence from loan servicer reports that the speculative nature of predatory equity loans makes them three times more likely to be in danger of default then similar, non-predatory loans. We also provide a detailed analysis of the underwriting criteria of a cross section of loans including some high-profile real estate deals to show why they are speculative and likely to fail.