Benjamin Dulchin
Former Executive Director


212-747-1117, ext. 17

Benjamin Dulchin no longer works at ANHD.

Benjamin Dulchin is the Executive Director.  Benjamin is committed to NYC’s activist community development movement, and has been a housing and community organizer for twenty-six years.  Since becoming Executive Director, Benjamin has expanded the scope of ANHD’s work, led research and advocacy campaigns on key issues to change the landscape of NYC housing policy, shaped ANHD’s bank reinvestment research and advocacy, led ANHD’s new focus on equitable economic development, and expanded the capacity-building programs that ANHD provides for our membership. Benjamin’s dog is grumpy, but his two children are not.

Benjamin's Blogs

December 11, 2015
ANHD has been the leading organization calling for an MIH policy because housing advocates and community residents see MIH as an opportunity to put in place a new baseline where every neighborhood and site that is upzoned will include guaranteed affordable housing that truly meets the needs of the local community. But for many ANHD member-groups, the Administration's current MIH proposal misses the mark.
September 24, 2015
This week, The Federal Reserve Board announced that Benjamin Dulchin, ANHD’s Executive Director, is among the 15 appointees to its newly created Community Advisory Council (CAC) of the Federal Reserve Board. ANHD applauds the Federal Reserve Bank for creating this initiative to draw input from community leaders “with consumer- and community-development-related expertise who will provide information, advice, and recommendations to the Board on a wide range of policy matters and emerging issues of interest.”
July 16, 2015
ANHD announces the launch of our new Equitable Economic Development Initiative (EqED) in 2015, a long-term expansion of our work.
May 22, 2015
The Mayor’s 200,000 unit Housing New York plan gets most of the attention, but de Blasio’s Next Generation NYCHA plan (NextGen) is positioned ensure the future of NYCHA, and come to rank as one of the Mayor’s signature housing legacies.