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The mission of ANHD is to build community power to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

As a coalition of community groups across New York City, we use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

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January 19, 2023
ANHD’s video modules and activities on how to use the City’s Equitable Development Data Explorer (EDDE) will help New Yorkers understand and advocate for their community needs when it comes to affordable housing, capital investment, and land use.
December 7, 2022
2022 ANHD Year in Review
Check out ANHD’s 2022 top moments, including supporting the organizing movement, advancing the revision and creation of programs for deep, permanent and safe affordable housing, and driving equitable economic development.

@ANHD NYs living in basement & cellar apartments deserve safe & habitable living conditions. Join ANHD & partners this Friday at 11 AM in Diversity Plaza to demand protections for vulnerable NYC tenants & include basement & cellar legalization in the budget! https://t.co/OxF5h9WTI3 https://t.co/pmA2CGbESi

@ANHD RT @BlkEconAlliance: Homeownership is a powerful lever for creating generational wealth. @Barikaxw, Margaret Anadu, @swartell, and @DrUrban

@ANHD “There is an opportunity for all of us when we get together to say how can we support and provide more resources, investment, equity, and capacity for these organizations to do their work.” - @barikaXw #BEASolutionsSummit

@ANHD “In housing, they are being condensed, contained, and compartmentalized in the housing market. They are becoming a shrinking share and shrinking portion. We are losing out on affordability that specifically speaks to the Black population.” - @barikaXw

@ANHD The pioneers in this space were nonprofits who found a way to make affordable housing happen when the market failed to do so, said @barikaXw. One such organization, @BSRC, became the first CDC in the US located here in #Bedstuy and took matters into its own hands. https://t.co/gyK1RhvTxg

@ANHD RT @TweedySamantha: We are thrilled to have you and your brilliance ! #BEASolutionsSummit

@ANHD RT @jtcone1977: .@RobinHoodNYC is proud to support @barikaXw as a #PowerFund leader.

@ANHD RT @barikaXw: Thank you @BlkEconAlliance for inviting me to speak on housing access & affordability at the #BEASolutionsSummit! I'm excit…

@ANHD Thank you @BlkEconAlliance, for inviting ANHD Executive Director @barikaXw to participate in the #BEASolutionsSummit today! This action-oriented gathering is an invaluable opportunity to collaborate on innovative solutions to expand economic prosperity for Black Americans. https://t.co/4wJxb834bb

@ANHD Discover energy efficiency incentives covering up to 85% of building update costs! Join our virtual training on Wed, April 5th, from 10-11 AM. Learn how to plan for post-winter updates, heating upgrades, and maintenance work. Reserve your spot now: https://t.co/8HN513AmBr https://t.co/L9ZWlZ8aXX

@ANHD ANHD Executive Director @barikaXw calls Signature Bank’s “no surprise” due to predatory practices in multifamily lending. Regulators could have scrutinized or required fixes sooner. Signature shows us how and why predatory, risky, and destabilizing practices must end! @AdrianeQ https://t.co/CXu91wwmOz

@ANHD ANHD is hiring summer interns! Apply to work on exciting research, policy, and communications projects alongside some of New York City’s foremost #housing, #economicdevelopment, and #communitydevelopment experts! https://t.co/hqjY0XlypM

@ANHD RT @Enterprise_NYC: Why are 100+ groups calling on State leaders to fund the Housing Access Voucher Program? Funding #HAVP will: Bring th…

@ANHD RT @nyc_base: We continue our fight for the tens of thousands of New Yorkers living in basement & cellar apartments to have basic tenant pr…

@ANHD RT @juaninQNS: TOMORROW: We’re calling for real reforms to the street vending industry & investment in NYC’s smallest businesses Join @Tra

@ANHD Read our full statement here: https://t.co/vBejCWN0vs

@ANHD Signature Bank’s closure is an opportunity for financial institutions & regulators to revisit + reexamine existing practices. Regulators must #FixCRA & make it race-conscious; value community input; capable of downgrading banks who lend 2 landlords that harm and displace tenants. https://t.co/GljPzETIwD

@ANHD ANHD applauds @NYDFS for taking the significant and necessary steps to close Signature Bank. Our low-income communities of color should not bear the price of financial institutions' misguided, ill-informed, profit-only practices. Read more in our latest: https://t.co/2cqDbbXbmN https://t.co/AS7KgPWwky

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