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The mission of ANHD is to build community power to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

As a coalition of community groups across New York City, we use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

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September 17, 2018
Join United for Small Business NYC as we raise the alarm on vacant storefronts across the city.
September 5, 2018
A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity to Help Make The CRA More Equitable
August 20, 2018
The CNL Organizing Apprenticeship Program has a new Training Coordinator

@ANHD Come and talk about tenant organizing with us and Susanna Blankley of @RTCNYC Tuesday, Sept. 25th at 10 am. Registe… https://t.co/ApM9mo25fF

@ANHD Check out "Save On Energy and Water Bills!" w/ NYC Retrofit Accelerator Program @NYCSustainable Oct. 18th!… https://t.co/5Ye5zWsIrp

@ANHD RT @rwid: Think that the number of people at risk of displacement resulting from a rezoning would correlate with how “significant” the impa…

@ANHD RT @mbradybronx: Come out to Maspeth and join @MIBAnyc and @BOCNetwork on September 26th and hear about the @NYCEDC Industrial Developer Fu…

@ANHD Another day, another walk by vacant storefronts. Landlords should be penalized for sitting on vacant spaces.… https://t.co/iiPM1ZnHiS

@ANHD RT @VOLSProBono: As part of the @usb_nyc coalition, the Microenterprise Project at @VOLSProBono is working with communities to #EndCommerci

@ANHD RT @usb_nyc: Its time to #EndCommercialVacancy. Join the conversation by: 1. Taking a picture of vacant storefront in your neighborhood 2.…

@ANHD RT @prattcenter: As the City Council’s Charter Revision Commission prepares to hear testimony from the public tonight, our latest report: “…

@ANHD RT @CityLimitsNews: With neighborhood wide-rezoning moving slowly, developers in Long Island City are pushing projects ahead without commun…

@ANHD "Housing, edu, and affordability are 3 areas that guide the convo of equity in NYC and are areas we continue to ass… https://t.co/gHva5MCTkQ

@ANHD RT @lucysblock: Coney Island, shuttered up #EndCommercialVacancy @usb_nyc @ANHDNYC https://t.co/VGO5o4hb20

@ANHD Storefronts across the city are being replaced with empty space. It's time to #EndCommercialVacancy https://t.co/u5b4ia3Svu

@ANHD Street vendors are locally-owned small businesses who need our support! The most delicious & fun way of doing by at… https://t.co/h1AaJiW0Oj

@ANHD RT @pthny: HUGE CONGRATS to PTH members Jarquay Abdullah and Charmel Lucas, just accepted into the incredible Center for Neighborhood Leade…

@ANHD Historic win for a decades-long campaign by community members & @stnicksalliance. Congratulations! When we fight, w… https://t.co/M1bDrNGtlb

@ANHD CRA 101 – What Is It, How to Use It, And What’s At Stake https://t.co/m37zzMor7s’s-stake

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