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The mission of ANHD is to build community power to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

As a coalition of community groups across New York City, we use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

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October 12, 2018
City Launches Anti-Harassment Program with Release of List of More Than 1,000 Buildings with 26,000 Units
October 10, 2018
Department of Financial Services (DFS) issues guidance on responsible multifamily lending
October 2, 2018
More Ways to See and Understand Displacement with New and Updated Data

@ANHD RT @meeshellchen: Tenants Are Fighting Eviction Before It Starts https://t.co/EPLTbNxJFY #housing #HousingCrisis #affordablehousing #RealEs

@ANHD RT @GOLESNYC: GOLES members & staff at City Planning Commission hearing this morning (and afternoon!) on proposed #TwoBridges luxury mega t…

@ANHD A genuine surprise thanks to @LaurenDNye for @ThatArmandoMC’s birthday! #OfficeBirthdays https://t.co/AsSBc7IdAp

@ANHD Join us Monday 10/29 for CRA at a Crossroads Forum w/ speaker Martin J. Gruenberg @FDICgov Board Member sponsored b… https://t.co/WGj4Pc4oNA

@ANHD RT @paulstremple: Tenants, politicians and community organizers rallied outside 431 Bleecker in Bushwick against harassment from their land…

@ANHD We're hiring an Anti-Displacement Organizer, FULL-TIME! You know you want to work with us! Apply today:… https://t.co/POmNXsGj2Y

@ANHD RT @UNHP: Register today for The CRA at a Crossroads Forum 10.29.18 Opening speaker Martin J. Gruenberg FDIC Board Member & Community Devel…

@ANHD Watch “Rally to Support the Tenants of 431 Bleecker St!” on #Vimeo and join them TMR @ 9AM https://t.co/RHb1DqgMHx

@ANHD RT @detroit_48202: . @DesisRisingUp @SouthBronxUnite @FUREEous @prattcenter @ourcity @ANHDNYC Interested in learning about urban policy, ge…

@ANHD RT @UNHP: Join @Enterprise_NYC @IPEDFordham @ANHDNYC & @UNHP for The CRA at a Crossroads Forum 10.29.18 Opening speaker Martin J. Gruenberg…

@ANHD RT @NYCHousing: ICYMI we’ve rolled out a new tool to root out tenant harassment by preventing bad-actor landlords from getting construction…

@ANHD NYC implements anti-tenant harassment pilot program https://t.co/mdqlMxfVQ4 via @CurbedNY

@ANHD "Signaling A Strong Message of Support For Immigrant Neighbors" by our own @lpafridi for @shelterforce #ICEOUThttps://t.co/zbQ5EMINbb

@ANHD RT @bradlander: A good day for NYC tenants: Under new Certificate of No Harassment program, landlords who harass tenants (w/ goal of drivin…

@ANHD RT @ThatArmandoMC: If I told teenage-me that one day there would be a thing called "Nerd Lunch" and I'd be sad for not being invited, prett…

@ANHD DOJ Reveals Bannon Behind Census Citizenship Question - https://t.co/wLjaNvMx8S via @commondreams

@ANHD RT @OksanaMironov: The city launched the Certificate of No Harassment Program program today. Here is a handy one pager from @ANHDNYC about…

@ANHD Tenants Facing Harassment Have New City Program on Their Side thanks to @NYCHousing @bradlander @HousingConCoordhttps://t.co/BKPtuE9ln4

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