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The mission of ANHD is to build community power to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

As a coalition of community groups across New York City, we use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

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July 11, 2019
Your Portable Area Median Income Guide Now Has 2019 Data
June 28, 2019
The Center for Community Leadership (CCL) Celebrates Our Impact, Creates Our Future
June 26, 2019
Nonprofit Developers, Immigrant Rights Groups, and Tenants Unite to Fight ICE

@ANHD RT @Shelterforce: "We can’t talk about local fights without basing them in an understanding of how and why groups are marginalized." https…

@ANHD “The city always has a rationale, sort of a land use & planning rationale... But there is definitely a political po… https://t.co/iHVIlr7Dyy

@ANHD "Small businesses are part of the cultural identity of our neighborhoods," says @ThatArmandoMC. "When you lose a mo… https://t.co/O9NjGYDu6A

@ANHD RT @_FABnyc: @usb_nyc #endcommercialvacancy https://t.co/OADhuI4Dyf

@ANHD RT @usb_nyc: An *ENORMOUS* thank you to @_FABnyc for taking time to working with @northwestbronx & @ANHDNYC to create these videos! #NoSmal

@ANHD Yes! Thank you @ascendantnyc for lifting up the work of your @MorganStanley fellow @omareddy_! https://t.co/86K5GW4jXG

@ANHD TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to apply for the CCL Organizing Academy! Don't miss out on this great learning & community bu… https://t.co/qEmgiJllqQ

@ANHD RT @usb_nyc: Immigrants run 48% of all of NYC's small biz & an average of 26% of New Yorkers work at a small biz. Protecting small biz mean…

@ANHD The constant threat of gentrification affects commercial tenants just as much as it affects residential tenants. Le… https://t.co/oCEMVOL9WK

@ANHD Congratulations @NMICnyc! Thank you for the 40 years of commitment and dedication to the communities of Washington… https://t.co/dAItIKNlvE

@ANHD RT @ThatArmandoMC: Organizer-Twitter: TODAY is the deadline to apply to the CCL Organizing Academy! If you're interested in being inspired…

@ANHD RT @ChhayaCDC: TODAY! Come try delicious Nepali food from Yamuna at Bhanchha Ghar, who is receiving the Small Business Trailblazer award! S…

@ANHD RT @CASAbronx: We’re up in Albany celebrating our historic rent laws wins, debriefing the @housing4allNY campaign, and planning on how we a…

@ANHD RT @ThatArmandoMC: ORGANIZER FRIENDS: If you're in NYC & you want to be a part of a supportive community of fellow troublemakers, I strongl…

@ANHD “I am humbled every day that I get to help my Latinx family,” said Deborah Vazquez, an organizer with @CASAbronx. “… https://t.co/nChDV4sd2Y

@ANHD “Never stop speaking because then someone else will speak for you.” @JTaylorSkinner @electorette asks how am I usin… https://t.co/uxeSpApTcH

@ANHD RT @MinKwonCenter: The first doc is a FAKE warrant that ICE may use when detaining/arresting undocumented ppl. The second doc is a REAL war…

@ANHD RT @CapPressRoom: TGIF? More like TGITCP, Thank Goodness It's The @CapPressRoom! At 11am, @sarbetter has: @ZachReports w/ Winners and Los…

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